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Overwatch Contenders China Week 1 Recap

Posted 30th November 2018 By: Derpina    203 Views

Overwatch Contenders China Week 1 Recap - Tipify

Esports News – The first week of Overwatch Contenders China has concluded, and Overwatch Contenders China Week 2 is slowly approaching. Several Overwatch teams struggled to get back on feet as they’ve lost players to the Overwatch League, but many have found alternative tactics and strategy to dominate the first week. Here’s the full rundown of Overwatch Contenders China Week 1:

LGD Gaming vs Restart (4-0)

Restart has a roster full of veteran Chinese Overwatch players. However, their line-up wasn’t enough to beat LGD Gaming. The winning team ran a full triple tank and triple support-based team compositions using Winston and Reinhardt as the main tank; their disruptive dives are courtesy of DoomFist and Sombra. Restart still showed impressive performances with Cloud’s Doomfist and Xu “Fengyan” Zhengfeng’s Zarya before losing the game.

Alter-Ego vs Big Time Ragel Gaming (0-3)

Alter ego had the best performances from any new team at the tournament. The team only lost 3 games in the first week. But their momentum changed when they faced Big Time Ragel Gaming on Week 1. Their main tank, Tang “K1NGKONG” Qinghao, stood out the most with his strong performance with Winstone. Many spectators, however, are disappointed with how he pulled out Reinhardt to defend the 3rd point of Numbani when he never picked Orisa or Wrecking Ball throughout the series. Big Time Ragel Gaming, in other news, stayed true to their reputation and winning streaks. Five out of six players from the team flexed onto at least three heroes throughout the series and surprisingly, only one player missed a mark.

Team CC vs Triple Six Legend (4-0)

Team CC struggled with inconsistent performances last season of Overwatch Contenders China, but the game has changed this year. The team revamped their roster with Australian players in the mix, and their biggest addition is flex support Zhao “Orchid” Tangyang. Orchid’s Zenyatta performances all throughout Week 1 brought Triple Six Legend to their knees. But for what it’s worth, The losing team had much better performances last season and they introduced a powerful roster that was able to execute effective Mei and Sombra strategies.

T1w Esports Club vs Laboratory (4 – 0)

While many players from China’s Overwatch Contenders were invited to the Overwatch League: World Cup, T1w Esports Club only lost one player this season. Cai “Krystal” Shilong joined the Hangzhou Spark. Despite losing their superstar player, the team managed to earn a 4-0 victory over Laboratory. The losing team was handicapped by the absence of their flex support Kuang “KaguYa” Haoqi on the opening weekend. It’s evident that Laboratory struggled to find an alternative strategy.

LinGan e-Sports vs Zenith of Optimism (4-0)

LinGan e-Sports also lost most of its star players this season, but they were replaced with an equally powerful roster in the form of Lin “xuebi” Hongzheng, Tang “Duck” Shuai, and Cheng “Lengsa” Jingyi. Lengsa was the best performer of the three as he was responsible for the defeat of the opposing team. Zenith of Optimism’s main tank and DPS player struggled to keep pace with LinGan’s tank, Wen “Aidoudou” Yelin. Their pace was really slow, costing them to lose all 4 rounds.


Written by Derpina