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2018 Dota 2 Roundup

Posted 31st December 2018 By: ThisIsSam    273 Views

2018 Dota 2 Roundup - Tipify

Esports News – As we wrap up 2018, we take a look back at this past year in notable Dota 2 news. Though the Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) captured the attention of most, it wasn’t the only hot topic of the year. We also want to give emphasis and discuss other events of 2018.


  • Captains Draft 4.0 – The tournament was a Minor in the first season of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit, featuring a $300,000 prize pool and 300 DPC points on the line. This was the only Captain’s Draft event on the DPC schedule which Team Secret won.
  • At the end of January, IceFrog (the best-known Dota 2 developer) announced that Valve was going to take another route and release new patches every two weeks. The experiment started in February with Patch 7.08 but was short-lived as it ended with Patch 7.18 at the end of June. This was due to the schedule of the patch that left most teams rushing to understand the changes hours before a tournament would begin. By this point, no one seems to be disappointed with the slower patch schedule.


  • had a promising start in 2018 but ended up with disappointing results coming out of tournaments early into the year. After this, the team announced on February 1 that they were trading Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk to Natus Vincere in exchange for Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosyan. As a result, the transfer drew positive results from the trade.
  • ESL One Katowice 2018, a Major on the DPC circuit worth 1,500 points and $1,000,000 was the first Poland-hosted ESL event. The tournament had a sixteen-team field and eventually crowned as the winners after taking down Vici Gaming.


  • March introduced Dota Plus: Valve’s subscription service for Dota 2 players looking to add more to their gaming. This includes achievements to hun via Hero Progression, more skins, the Plus Assistance, and a ranked role queue.


  • The month kicked off with the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018–a noteworthy annual tournament. This year crowned team Mineski after beating LGD Gaming. More than that, Mineski became the first SEA team to win a Dota 2 Major, securing them an invite to TI8.


  • The first Dota 2 Major to grace 2018 was ESL One Birmingham–a significant Dota 2 LAN. Closing the event was a battle between and Optic Gaming. Eventually, closed the tournament in fashion by dominating the scoreboards with a 3-0 win.
  • The biggest roster change of 2018 came by way of Tal “Fly” Aizik and Gustav “s4” Magnusson announcing their departure from OG and joining Evil Geniuses.


  • The final event in the debut season of the DPC was the China Dota 2 Supermajor with an astonishing $1,5000,000 prize pool and 2,250 DPC points. Ultimately, Team Liquid walked away with the trophy after beating in the finals.
  • Valve announced new rules for the second season of the DPC on June, including the removal of hard roster locks, penalties, pairing Minors and Majors, and addressed complaints from the community in the previous year while making sure that Valve’s minimalist rules stayed intact.
  • The Open Qualifiers and Regional Qualifiers for TI8 followed the SuperMajor, Europe, CIS, and South America and received one spot each. Meanwhile, China received two spots and North America had three.


  • OpenAI surfaced leading up to The International 8. This is a Dota 2 project that gives its attention on AI learning how to play the game. A set of five bots were trained using self-play and matches against human players to learn the game. In July, OpenAI announced a scrimmage against a team of known members from the Dota 2 community hosted by Beyond the Summit (BTC).


  • All Dota 2 fans and players know that August is a time to welcome The International 8, which takes place from August 15-25 in Vancouver Canada. The event involved eighteen teams, four days of group stage matches, five days of playoffs, and the biggest Dota 2 prize pool of $25,532,177. The competition came down to OG and PSG.LGD in the grand finals and OG writes by far the most memorable underdog tale in the history of esports.


  • Rest is for the weak, they say. And there was no time for that in Dota 2. September witnessed new roster changes as the new DPC season comes to light.


  • Coming after the qualifiers for the first two DPC events, there were spots for non-DPC events. With only a handful of DPC events for 2018-19, some fans may have been concerned about the lack of events. Thankfully, ESL One ran ESL One Hamburg 2018 as a non-DPC event. The tournament features a $300,000 prize pool. Eventually, it was Team Secret that emerged victoriously.


  • The first Major of the season was hosted by Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sixteen teams competed for $1,000,000 and 15,000 DPC points. In shirt, the Major was an even to watch. First place went to, who beat Team Secret 3-1 in the Grand Finals to secure their standings as the Kings of the DPC.
  • Following Patch 7.19 released on July 29, Patch 7.20 was released. The new update introduced major changes to heroes, items, the mat itself, and even game mechanics.


  • Capping off 2018 is the latest Dota 2 update that announced Frosthaven: A Frostivus Story. The winter community event highlights a new game mode in which teams of five players defend the Frostivus from increasingly challenging creep waves.


Written by ThisIsSam