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Tech Review Tuesday: Cougar 450K Hybrid vs Cougar Deathfire EX

Posted 11th December 2018 By: Derpina    528 Views

Tech Review Tuesday: Cougar 450K Hybrid vs. Cougar Deathfire EX

Esports News – There are two main types of gaming keyboard: Membrane and Mechanical. However, there’s one keyboard that not many come across in the market, but can offer twice the potential of Membrane and Mechanical keyboards: the Hybrid.

Hybrid keyboards are claimed to be improved versions of Mechanical keyboards. They’re comfortable to use and have faster response rates than the regular ones. Going over this new type of keyboard, let’s explore more of Hybrid gaming keyboards’ potentials and capabilities through this week’s Tipify gaming equipment series: Cougar 450K Hybrid vs. Cougar Deathfire EX.

Cougar 450K Hybrid

The 450K is the first keyboard in Cougar’s lineup of Hybrid Mechanical Switches. The brand claims that it is perfectly designed for FPS, MMORPG, MOBA and RTS gamers, but also works well with basic needs. Achieving all these, the 450k offers higher activation speed, 125-1000 Hz polling rate, massive on-board memory, 6KRO/Anti-ghosting keys, 10 programmable keys, 7 multimedia keys, and COUGAR UIX system software. 450k can ultimately provide one of the most accurate tactile feedbacks of fully mechanical keyboards.Cougar is also straightforward when it comes to design, crafting a dedicated body for the already-impressive features of 450K.

The size of the keyboard can fit most desktop setups, and its structure is quite similar to the popular Razer BlackWidow X. It has a splash-proof design that protects it from liquid spills, so you can play games all day while eating. Additionally, the back contains 7 rubber pads strapped to a matte-finish body, keeping your keyboard from shaking or moving if it gets too competitive.

Buy the Cougar 450k Hybrid now for $30.95 USD

Cougar Deathfire EX

The Cougar Deathfire EX differs from the 450K Hybrid’s keyboard line and a standalone release. Despite being a lone wolf from Cougar’s line, the Deathfire puts together all your keyboard gaming preferences in a single package. Boasting off accuracy, functionality, and design, the keyboard carries win key lock, media control shortcuts, mouse DPI switching, 2000 DPI precision, 100% anti-ghosting technology, and 1000 Hz polling rate. There’s a special edition mouse partnered with the keyboard that you can use to achieve a quick, accurate, and reliable responses for your gaming commands.

The Cougar Deathfire EX is surprisingly durable for its plastic body. Its black finish has an aluminum look and a unique key layout. The sides have rubber keys that prevent the entire keyboard from sliding out when you’re using it and a pair of plastic stands so you can find the perfect gaming angle. However, the most interesting thing isn’t the comfortable build of the keyboard–it’s the eight different LED color settings that allows you to see a remarkable set of colors while you’re using your mouse and keyboard at the same time.

Buy the Cougar Deathfire EX now for just under $50.00 USD


Written by Derpina