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ESL Pro League Introduces New LAN Format For 2019

Posted 24th December 2018 By: ThisIsSam    178 Views

ESL Pro League Introduces New LAN Format For 2019 - Tipify

Esports News – ESL, a renowned Major CSGO event host, recently announced a new structure for its upcoming 2019 competitions that features  huge changes and change how teams and players compete in the new season.

ESL and the World Esports Association (WESA) have come to an agreement to drive the games away from the online ecosystem to bring the action live in an all-new format that introduces significant changes to Season 9 of the ESL Pro League.

In a complete revamp of pace for the league, all matches for the Americas and EU regions will be played on LAN in a studio setting to bring the season’s action in front of a live audience, while the Asian Pacific region will still follow the old format and play the regular season online.

Additionally, the league’s new format is making extensive updates to how CSGO teams qualify for the playoffs while trying to eliminate what they believe is overwhelming events for all participants.

The 2019 season for the ESL Pro League will see three regions: the Americas, EU, and APAC.

Regions are to be divided into four groups of four teams seeded according to ESK’s World Ranking, with 16 teams in every region and a total of 48 teams fighting for the World Finals.

Winners of each group and the Americas and EU will get their seat at the Finals. There will be a second round of groups that includes the second and third place teams from Round 1.

In the EU the top two in Round 2 of groups head to the finals, while the Americas will only welcome the top one from each group.

The APAC will have to face a tougher setup, with each group playing to advance to the next round of eight teams in two groups, and winners of the group only getting two spots for the Finals.

CSGO’s ESL Pro League Season 9 takes off on April 12 and will feature four weeks of matches to determine who goes onto the World Finals.



Written by ThisIsSam