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Intel And ESL Seals $100-Million Deal To Extend Esports Partnership

Posted 21st December 2018 By: ThisIsSam    282 Views

Intel & ESL Seals $100-Million Deal To Extend Esports Partnership - Tipify

Esports News – Intel and ESL’s partnership is one that is well-known in the esports industry, and their commitment to each other is about to go on a whole other level. The two have extended their partnership with a $100-million deal that will cover 2019-2021. Intel will remain in charge of the computing power for both gaming rigs and the servers running behind the scenes, but will also serve as an opportunity to test out new technologies.

The deal will introduce a new CSGO tournament to the mix and turn an Intel Extreme Masters event in China into its own independent affair.

ESL’s Mark Cohen publicized to CNBC as proof that the esports field continues to expand. Earlier deals tended to have a shorter lifespan–only a year or two at most–Cohen emphasized, but that now changed as “other big brands” and more familiar entertainment enter the picture. ESL can embrace strategies closer to traditional sports where it can approach high-profile deals that will further strengthen its name as well as create more room to grow.

Of course, you have to consider that this is also a risk on Intel’s part. It counts on esports growing enough that a costly investment will now pay off with more people buying Intel-based gaming PCs. And it has a better reason to amplify its support: it’s facing tougher competition in AMD, especially with their Ryzen processors. If it doesn’t spoil on things like the ESL deal, it risks losing mindshare to gamers.

Ultimately, this only shows how esports works perfectly alongside gaming hardware manufacturers. Not only does it help the industry grow, but also encourage more premier brands to take part as the longest partnership in esports is on the table for another three years thanks to Intel and ESL. Expect a bigger and better esports circle over the coming years with ESL’s events!


Written by ThisIsSam