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Overwatch League Season 2: Event Schedule

Posted 13th December 2018 By: Derpina    343 Views

Overwatch League Season 2: Event Schedule - Tipify

Esports News – The search for the strongest Overwatch nation is on. The Overwatch League Season 2 takes off on February 2018 and will see old Overwatch teams and new expansion teams battle it out for the 2nd tournament title and $1 million prize pool at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles.

Tournaments and events

For the second season, Blizzard Entertainment prepared road matches in the participating teams’ cities around the world, giving local fans a chance to attend the events and meet their representatives. The new structure of the tournament this season makes up for the demanding tours as each team will only play 28 matches instead of 40.

See the full schedule below:

Day 1 Schedule (Thursday-February 14, 2019)

4:00 PM PST Philadelphia Fusion vs London Spitfire
5:30 PM PST Boston Uprising vs New York Excelsior
7:00 PM PST Los Angeles Gladiators vs Seoul Dynasty
8:30 PM PST Hangzhou Spark vs Shanghai Dragons

The first match of the sophomore season is a rematch of the inaugural season’s grand finals: Philadelphia Fusion vs London Spitfire. The second match, New York and Boston, follows to spark up the traditional rivalry between the two states. The other matches pit the most popular Chinese teams in the league against each other.

Day 2 Schedule (Friday-February 15, 2019)

4:00 PM PST Toronto Defiant vs Houston Outlaws
5:30 PM PST Atlanta Reign vs Florida Mayhem
7:00 PM PST Dallas Fuel vs San Francisco Shock
8:30 PM PST Guangzhou Charge vs Chengdu Hunters

The second day sees four expansion teams: Defiant, Reign, Charge, and Hunters. The last match, according to the matchmakers, puts both Chinese teams in one match to completely test the potentials of the Chinese competitive scene.

Day 3 Schedule (Saturday – February 16, 2018)

12:00 PM PST Paris Eternal vs London Spitfire
1:30 PM PST New York Excelsior vs Washington Justice
7:00 PM PST Hangzhou Spark vs Los Angeles Valiant
8:30 PM PST Shanghai Dragons vs Vancouver Titans

The third day, Saturday, features the first-ever matches of Eternal, Titans, and Justice. The Titans, who have a complete roster from Korean team RunAway, face the Dragons. The Los Angeles Valiant, the champion of the first season’s stage championship, will then face Hangzhou Spark.


Written by Derpina