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Sonic and T.c On Bravado’s DreamHack Winter Run

Posted 6th December 2018 By: Derpina    264 Views

Sonic and T.c On Bravado’s DreamHack Winter Run - Tipify

Esports News – South African team Bravado concluded their DreamHack Winter run in second place after being defeated by ENCE. Despite the result, the team successfully managed to cement South Africa as one of the best regions in the pro CSGO scene this season. With that, we join Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek and coach Tiaan “T.c” Coertzen in sharing their struggles, experiences, and expectations with the team.

Facing ENCE in the Grand Finals

The grand finals saw Bravado pulling off an aggressive stunt against ENCE. One can see that the team exerted a lot of effort in the first few rounds because of the opposing team’s strong defenses. To explain the strategy, Sonic said: “To be honest we got the maps we were hoping for. We just fell short in the end. We didn’t play our own game and they played theirs. We fell into their trap. So the result is unfortunate, but we tried our best. We got this far and we’re proud of where we have come.”

One step at A Time

The match-up against ENCE highlights an unexpected turn of events. But it wasn’t a disappointing run for Bravado as Sonic shares his team’s spirit: “We’re never going to stop grinding. This is only the start of something big. Especially for everyone here and South African esports. We can only hope we can replicate this result in the future and take the trophy next time.”

From online NA to LAN EU

Before competing for the prestigious DreamHack Winter, Bravado was a veteran team competing for North America, hence the players’ comprehensive knowledge about NA and EU tournament structures and map approaches. When asked about their adjustments, Sonic answered “I see the difference, I think the Europeans teams are very solidified in their structure and gameplans. They play a much more proper version of Counter-Strike. We find the NA teams to have a lot more different styles but all these EU teams kind of play a similar style of CS, which is more of a proper style. So I think we can take that back to NA, grind it back into our game.”

Coach T.C also shared the team’s experience in playing both styles: “We play a more structured brand of CS, we play a very European style. And that kind of makes it easier for us to play against that style, whereas when we come to NA and all these teams are kind of just rushing us, bursting us, we are kind of like “what the f*ck are they doing?” a lot of the time.”

Promoting rookie players

Most of Bravado’s roster are fresh out of offline qualifiers. In short, they are rookies and inexperienced when it comes to competing in the international level. But as one can see, their roster did not disappoint.

When asked about Rhys “Fadey” Armstrong’s performance, Sonic said: “I’m really proud of my team and especially Fadey. I expected the kid to be great and he’s proving that. This tournament gave him a lot of confidence. He is young and this is his first international LAN, it’s really important and I believe it will transition into further gameplay and really help grow the team to a new level.”

From Coach T.c’s perspective, he shared: “I think it’s really going to help with our confidence. I mean we’ve only had one international tournament before this, back in March, which was the first international tournament for both Fadey and J.T We didn’t really have a lot of confidence in that first tournament, but everyone saw what it was about and how you sort of have to rush setting up and play.”

Representing South Africa

It’s evident that South Africa doesn’t get the attention it deserves in the competitive gaming scene. But everything is about to change now, thanks to Bravado.

According to Sonic, the result of DreamHack Winter will surely benefit the whole region and will cement South Africa on the map: “I believe it’s just the exposure we give the scene and the fact that we put the name of the scene on the map. We represent South Africa, and, hopefully, a lot of big organizations will see that and pump their investments into the country”. T.c then added: “And also for the people back in South Africa, just to help keep them motivated, showing them that they can do it. Even if you are in a such an isolated scene, if you want to do this for a living, if you keep pushing, keep working hard, it is possible. It’s always possible. You can make your dreams reality.”


Written by Derpina