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Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament: Where Performance Meets Comfort

Posted 22nd December 2018 By: Derpina    190 Views

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament: Where Performance Meets Comfort

Tech Review – With the rising popularity of multiplayer games with complex gameplays, it gets harder and harder to find the best multi-purpose headset that can work well with any type of game and player. These equipment are equally important in executing well-coordinated team tactics and strategy, so a multi-purpose gaming headset is a must if you’re in to compete and win.

Helping you track down the best choices in the market, this episode features one of the best multi-purpose gaming headsets approved by professionals: The Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament.

Price and reception

The Elite Pro Tournament is advertised as a headset where “elite performance meets ultimate comfort”. The brand claims that it’s perfect for esports athletes and hardcore gamers. Supporting this, American esports organization Optic Gaming chose the entire Elite Pro line as their official gaming audio gear of choice.

At the time of this writing, the headset is available on Amazon for only $149.95 USD, a cut-off price from its original retail price of $199.95 USD. It is frequently bought together with Turtle Beach’s Tactical Audio Controller and Tournament Noise-Cancelling Microphone.

Build and design

Judging the hardware alone, one can say that the Elite Pro Tournament is a thing of beauty. You can already tell that it’s a premium product at first sight. The actual frame surrounding the body is made up of black metal and high-quality plastic. Around the earcups is a soft leather and Aerofit Ear Cushions promoting the ComforTec Fit System of the headset. It’s the debut of Turtle Beach’s revolutionary feature that controls and adjust the tightness of the headset based on the user’s personal preference. By adjusting the headband on top, you can easily distribute the weight and size of the headset.

Features and performance

True to its claim, the headset has several hardcore and unique features you wouldn’t usually find in standard gaming headsets. The Elite Pro Tournament showcases a 50mm Nanoclear Speakers with Neodymium Magnets, 12Hz – 22kHz frequency response rate, unidirectional gaming microphone with TruSpeak Technology, and 7.1 surround sound stereo output.

Working together, all the headset’s features allow you to experience the best gaming environment there is. It amplifies the sound of different weaponry and puts emphasis on softer sounds. No important sound effects will be drowned out by heavy explosions or other distractions inside and outside the game.


Written by Derpina