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Top 5 Top Laners To Look Out For In NA LCS Season 9

Posted 28th December 2018 By: Derpina    380 Views

Top 5 Top Laners To Look Out For In NA LCS Season 9 - Tipify

Esports News – League of Legends Season 9 is about to unwrap and the roster updates make the upcoming season even more exciting. Plenty of LoL teams have started to fortify their lineups with new acquisitions while some lost firepower after giving up their star players. Here are the 5 Top Laners to watch out for approaching the 2019 NA LCS:

5. Hauntzer – Golden Guardians

2017 Split’s MVP had a disappointing 2018 season. He failed to deliver significant results as TSM couldn’t qualify for Worlds 2018. He will not be playing for Golden Guardians as their starting top laner, which should tone down the pressure ass his new team is now expected to allow him to play with fewer constraints.

4. Huni – Clutch Gaming

There is no question when it comes to Huni’s skills, especially in situations where the meta suits him. The one issue that continues to haunt him is his aggression, which can be too much at times. Setting that aside, he can easily be the best and an absolute gem. He can still carry Clutch Gaming like he has done multiple times in the past.

3. Licorice – Cloud 9

Licorice made sure that people remembered his name during his debut last season. The rookie finished his first season as a pro with flying colors as he was easily the best player in the Cloud 9 lineup last season. His dominant performance in the top lane helped his team reach the Worlds 2018 semifinals, and he will look to top his fantastic performance in 2019.

2. Impact – Team Liquid

Impact is known for his consistency in games. Rarely does he make a questionable move. He can play the tanks and carry champs with ease. He takes pressure well, allowing his teammates to shoot up. Impact almost never sees the spotlight but he has been solid for Team Liquid the past few years.

1. Ssumday – 100 Thieves

Ssumday proved his worth last season after racking up spectacular performances with 100 Thieves. He topped the stats out of all the top laners and no matter how hard his team was struggling, he stayed calm and strong all throughout. He was usually the winning key for 100 Thieves. Now with new recruits, Bang and Huhi, he’s given more room to get ahead of his game.


Written by Derpina