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Washington Justice Reveals Branding, Logo, and Roster

Posted 15th December 2018 By: Derpina    346 Views

Washington Justice Reveals Branding, Logo, and Roster - Tipify

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Esports News – The last Overwatch League expansion team to release their logo and roster finally ended the fans’ agony and anticipation with the announcement of the team’s overall branding and line-up. The Washington Justice is now ready for the league’s next season in February.

Franchise and branding

Justice will be representing Washington, D.C. The team is owned and operated by Washington Esports Venture, an esports organization founded by Mark Ein after establishing the Washington Kastles of World Team Tennis. The official branding, logo, and roster of the team were recently revealed through a promotional video on Twitter.

Based on the colors and spirit of D.C, Washington Justice followed the red, white, and blue color scheme of the nation’s capital for the branding. The logo elaborately shows the letter “W” at the bottom as a nod to the state. The main element on the center is a cartoonized version of the Washington monument.

Explaining the team’s name and the branding, Mark Ein released a statement: “Justice is a universal value and the perfect name for a franchise that we hope will inspire and unite both our Washington area community and fans around the globe. There is no region in the world that attracts more people to serve the cause of justice in government, philanthropy, academia, military service, and the private sector than Washington.”’

Roster and staff

Following the promotional video on Twitter, Washington Justice immediately introduced their players and staff that will work hand in hand for the next Overwatch season.

The roster includes tank players Song “Janus” Joon-hwa, flex player Kim “SanSam” Hyang-ki, DPS players Ethan “Stratus” Yankel, Chon “Ado” Gi-hyeon, and Corey “Corey” Nigra. and support players Riley “Fahzix” Taylor, Mun “Gido” Gi-do, and Cho “Hyeonu” Hyeon-woo.

This list is composed of names from smaller teams with relative successes in the industry such as the Meta Athena, Gladiators Region, LW Blue, MVP, NRG Esports, and Envision Esports. They’ve spent time competing at the Overwatch Contenders, Academy Gaming Overwatch, and APAC Premier. There are three players with Overwatch League experience, being former representatives of New York Excelsior, Shanghai Dragons, and Seoul Dynasty.

The staff includes assistant coach Kyoung Ey Molly “AVALLA” Kim, the first female OWL coach. Joining her are former New York Excelsior head coach Kim “WizardHyeong” Hyeong-seok and former player and coach Mark “Obasill” Regush.


Written by Derpina