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OG Esports Releases Pajkatt From Active Roster

Posted 4th January 2019 By: Derpina    348 Views

OG Esports Releases Pajkatt From Active Roster - Tipify

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Esports News – After an impressive season, OG Esports bags the first position in last year’s list of highest-earning esports teams with over $11.23 million, thanks to their latest winnings from The International and several major event accomplishments. With their continued success, it’s safe to say that the team has one of the strongest rosters in competitive Dota 2. They have the best roster last year and speculated to do so in 2019.

However, several tournament results from last year that failed to meet OG’s expectations. Hence, changes were deemed necessary. After almost 2 months of playing under one banner, OG decided to remove Pers ‘Pajkatt’ Olsson as their carry after Anathan ‘Ana’ Pham left the group’s active roster last November. The team is now seeking a replacement player to fill in the role just in time for the Bucharest Minor.

Team conflicts

OG’s organization released a statement regarding the unexpected roster change. The team claimed that they had faced chemistry and team synergy issues. From the announcement, the team’s spokesperson stated: “We brought in Pajkatt. He is a very mechanically gifted player, a great Dota mind but also a truly professional team member. During the weeks following his addition to our Dota 2 roster, we faced chemistry issues. We realized there was not enough space in OG for Pajkatt to express his full potential. His profile, at the end of the way, no matter how excellent it is, did not match.”

Moreover, OG claimed that both synergy and chemistry elements are very complex yet important matters for the team. They’re not only after the player’s skills and competency, but they also want him to fit in. With Pajkatt on board, the team failed to qualify for The Chongqing Major which had three open spots for the European region. They finished 5th-6th place, a disappointing position after their victory at the International 8.

Pajkatt, who is currently without a team, will still be given a prize pool cut off from the Bucharest Minor. The replacement player is expected to compete in the minor after the team’s trials with carry players.

Current OG roster

  • Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen
  • Sebastien “Ceb” Debs
  • Jesse ‘Jerax’ Vainikka
  • Johan ‘n0tail’ Sundstein


Written by Derpina