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Overwatch Conducts Test Drive For The Hero Ban System

Posted 21st January 2019 By: Derpina    547 Views

Overwatch Conducts Test Drive For The Hero Ban System - Tipify

Esports News – The Overwatch community has been talking about the league’s hero ban system for a while now. Some approve, while others are against it because the system might mix up a bad meta and affect players with banned signature heroes.

The concept of hero banning

Hero banning is not new in MOBA games. It allows teams to choose a hero or a character that the other team wouldn’t be able to select in the specific match. Dota 2 and League of Legends have also implemented the system sometime in the past, and now Overwatch might do the same. But the lead designer of Overwatch, Geoff Goodman, is still looking for alternatives to fix the issue since the game has fewer characters than the aforementioned titles.

Goodman stated in an interview that the hero ban is feasible, but the game still need to have a much deeper and larger hero pool, “We’ve had a lot of discussions on this, as early as before we even shipped we talked about this kind of stuff…There’s still maybe potentials for it, but it wouldn’t be for a while if we did it, we would need a much deeper hero pool. Otherwise it doesn’t really make sense.”

Additionally, Goodman debunked the idea that the meta might get mixed up. He clarified that if one team picks a meta comp that has one specific counter, and the game bans that counter, the meta would be solidified.

Unofficial test drive

The demand for the hero ban system is increasing, so Dallas Fuel and some of the game designers have agreed to conduct an unofficial tournament test drive to experiment with the format. It will answer the most common issues concerning hero pools and mix meta.

The current Overwatch meta has a powerful composition called “Goats”, a name derived from the design team that popularized it. The system comprise of three tank heroes and three supports. The pro-hero ban seeks to overcome this composition, despite the fact that it has already proven flexible when used in the original framework.

For the test drive, some players from Dallas Fuel’s Tournament of Future Champions will play using the ban system. The two teams will select one character to eliminate from the match and one that will be protected from the bans.


Written by Derpina