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The Overwatch League 2019 Viewing Guide

Posted 17th January 2019 By: Derpina    211 Views

The Overwatch League 2019 Viewing Guide - Tipify

Esports News – The inaugural season of the Overwatch League was a success. The tournament now heads to the second season with old and new expansion teams on board—all will compete for the biggest share of the $5,000,000 prize pool and the second championship title.

Dates and divisions

All the matches are held every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the four pre-champion stages, except for the HomeStand Weekend Series on the fifth week of Stage 1. The special games are set to culminate on the fourth or fifth week of each stage.

The tournament officially begins on February 14 with the Stage 1 – Week 1 Matches. The show begins at 8pm ET/4pm PT. Each day is headed by Philadelphia Fusion vs London Spitfire, Toronto Defiant vs Houston Outlaws, London Spitfire vs Paris Eternal, and Houston Outlaws vs Boston Uprising. The schedules are still subject to change. If any matches finishes early, the start times of the succeeding matches may be accelerated.

The prize pool division for the stage matches is as follows:

Winner – $200,000
2nd place – $100,000
3rd – 4th earn $50,000 each
5th – 8th each earn $25,000 each

The prize pool division for the season playoffs is as follows:

Grand champion – $1.1 million
2nd place – $600,000
3rd place – $450,000
4th place – $350,000
5th place and 6th place – $300,000 each
7th and 8th place – $200,000 each

Streaming services

All the opening matches are available on ESPN, Disney XD, and ABC family networks, but other tournaments have yet to be announced. The best option to watch all the games from start to end is to get all three channels in one live TV streaming package using Hulu with Live TV. It costs $40 per month (after a 7-day free trial) and support the following devices: Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and iOS and Android devices.

Other live streaming options include Twitch,, Youtube TV, DirectTV Now, and SlingTV. Some of them, however, do not offer ABC family networks. Further details about the paid and free broadcasted matches will be released soon.


Written by Derpina