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Overwatch Patch Update Easter Eggs

Posted 7th January 2019 By: Derpina    320 Views

Overwatch Patch Update Easter Eggs - Tipify

Esports News – The Overwatch League season 2 is fast approaching, and we already know about the expansion teams and new tournament format. But recently, Blizzard Entertainment announced that fans and spectators will also get a piece of the action. Some of the additional points in demand was added to the game, but they weren’t included in the official patch notes and only went viral a month after.

The newest features were released on December 14, 2018, but players are only talking about it just now. It included adjustments for the Spectator UI and new in-game highlights like cosmetic skins, respawn icons, and third-person cameras. At press time, players are still looking for new features not included in the official notes.

Official notes

The official patch update introduces a total of 464 new home and away skins for the new expansion teams in the 2019 season. The home-team uniforms are considered as in-game skins. Eight new skin suites are now ready for purchase.

For the heroes, the update is mostly focused on Ashe, Brigitte, and Reinhardt. Other minor updates were given to Torbjörn and Winston. For the maps, some bugs from Arcade, Busan, Hollywood, and Kings Row were addressed.

The bug on Ashe’s character was fixed due to player complaints about in-game inconsistencies regarding her scope view. The new refreshes her scope view’s stutter feature on high framerates.

As for Brigitte and Reinhardt, both heroes have issues with their positioning. All bugs for Brigitte’s pivot position when exiting third-person view in her Barrier Shield are now fixed, as well as Reinhardt’s Earthshatter visibility to other players during recovery.

Easter eggs

Months after the official update and weeks after the discovery of the respawn icons, Overwatch fans started looking for more Easter eggs Blizzard didn’t officially include in their patch notes.

A popular Redditor with the username “XTeKoX” found some new changes with the Spectator UI. It includes interesting icons indicating if a player is “suffering from a status effect”. In summary, if a professional player gets frozen, goes to sleep, or when his screen gets hacked off, viewers can be notified by looking at the bar on the top. Additionally, it will also show if a player is using his ultimate ability during the game.

Another feature discovered by fans is the new third-person camera called “simple”. Players can see it by activating it while the game is going on. It gives one a huge situational advantage over enemies.


Written by Derpina