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Riot Releases LoL Patch 9.2 With Big System Changes

Posted 24th January 2019 By: Derpina    342 Views

Riot Releases LoL Patch 9.2 With Big System Changes - Tipify

Esports News – The new season of League of Legends is beginning to build up, so Riot is doing its best to fix issues and improve their systems before the official tournaments begin. The revamping started weeks ago with Patch 9.1—but it’s only the beginning as Patch 9.2 is kicking its way on the game with a new champion and ranked play system.

With the new patch, Riot introduced significant changes surrounding the ranked armors, position ranks for NA/Korean servers, splits, game modes, and champions.

Game modes and ranking highlights

Player Ranking – the 2019 ranked play system starts with the placements. A player gets a provisional rank after his first rank game—the lowest in the system. Every placement win grants him a bonus LP. The latest ranking of the player will only be visible to other players after finishing placements.

Tier and Divisions – the new system has an Iron tier below the Bronze and Grandmaster tier (between Master and Challenger). Division V no longer exists.

Ranked Armor – this is a form of new reward that reflects the player’s current rank across the profile, ranked dashboard, hovercard, and game lobbies.

Splits – the 2019 competitive season is now divided into three splits. The player’s performance in each split upgrades his ranked armor, so there are no soft reset or time off between splits. It’s continuous. The rewards at the end of the season, however, are still based on the player’s overall performances across the season.

Position Ranks – Riot will preview the position ranks in Korea and North America for split 1, and they’re planning to roll the ranks out globally in split 2. Each position has its matchmaking rating and rank, and along with it are the matches rewarding LP and rating for the position each player played.

New and existing Champions

New champion, Sylas, the Unshackled makes his debut on Patch 9.2, but other existing players also have a fair share of changes and improvements. The most notable changes are imposed upon Kayn, Neeko, Rakan, and Yorick.

Kayn’s transformational rules are now smoother and more intuitive, and it will affect his transformation progress and threshold, close call, and time weighting. Neeko, the new character prior to the release of Sylas, will have her shapesplitter, clone, pop blossom, and tooltip features improved. Rakan’s armor and other items will decrease in speed, while his overall max-range casts will be slightly delayed. Lastly, Yorick’s Maiden now follows him every time he moves. His Mourning Mist and Mist Walkers will also face some adjustments when targeting enemies.


Written by Derpina