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Riot Unveils LoL New Champion: Sylas, The Unshackled

Posted 9th January 2019 By: Derpina    657 Views

Riot Unveils LoL New Champion: Sylas, The Unshackled - Tipify

Esports News – Riot Games launches the new champion joining the current roster of 141 characters. “Sylas, The Unshackled” is now available to use— along with his mobility, crowd control, and other tips and tricks. His origin story and abilities were fully revealed by Riot on Universe, the official League of Legends lore platform.

Origin story

“Once I was a prisoner. Like you. Locked away by cowards and hypocrites. Left to die for the way I was born. Nothing to live for but vengeance. Nothing to lose but my chains. Yet in the revolution to come—our revolution—these chains will liberate us all. And I will make sure we are never shackled again.”

Sylas is a Demacian “mageseeker”. He was part of the previous generation where the Demacian tradition of hunting mages reigns supreme. From the promotional teaser about the “Demacian Heart” story, Sylas was shown imprisoning multiple Demacian champions, making him a super-villain.

Features and abilities

Playing as Sylas grants players new unique abilities. You’ll have the power to beat down enemies and lash out any unwanted magical attacks. His character is expected to be in the top lane, but his positions might depend on the game’s balance and the player’s creativity. To manipulate his gameplay and strategies, here are the current powers and abilities Sylas can cast:

Petricite Burst – if a player cast a spell against Sylas, his next basic attack allows him to whirls chains around his body and damage nearby enemies. Players can take advantage of this feature by weaving in basic attacks for maximum damage. This can be used after every ability to damage and kill enemies.

Chain Lash – this allows you to beat down enemies repeatedly. Each lash damage and slow downs enemies. After each interval, the intersection of the chain shatters to slow and damage enemies again and again.

Abscond and Abduct – these two features highlights Sylas’ ability to imprisoned enemies. He can avoid arrest and position himself with Abscond before choosing a hostage to hook with Abduct.

Kingslayer – If Sylas is captured by enemies, you can let him out using the Kingslayer strike. He can strike the target and damage them while simultaneously healing himself in the process.

Hijack – this feature is one of the most impressive skills you can get out of Sylas. Once the character reaches level six, you can unleash Sylas’ hijacking powers to steal your enemies’ ultimates.


Written by Derpina