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Cooler Master Keys Pro L White: Amazon’s Latest Release

Posted 19th January 2019 By: Derpina    336 Views

Cooler Master Keys Pro L White: Amazon's Latest Release

Tech Review – Gaming technology has made a massive leap forward over the past years. Gaming equipment are released on a regular basis to cater to the more aggressive and demanding generation of gamers. Every brand and company needs to step up their game and innovate day by day to meet expectations.

With that, today’s episode of Tipify Gaming Equipment series checks out a newly-released gaming keyboard on Amazon: Cooler Master Keys Pro L White Mechanical Keyboard. Out in the market today, this keyboard is considered by many as the most popular equipment released by the brand.

Price and reception

Amazon offers the keyboard for $109.88 USD. From their market analysis, it is frequently purchased with Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Turntable Mouse. It seems like the software of Cooler Master’s new product line works perfectly with Logitech’s mice line.

The refurbished version of the keyboard is well-received by Amazon’s gaming customers. It only proves that the product is truly durable, and can look and act like new after multiple aggressive gaming sessions. It currently has a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating from over a hundred customers.

Build and design

The most striking aesthetic feature of the Pro L keyboard is its brilliant white LED backlighting. It illuminates the brightest possible single color reproduction for gaming and still offer a list of lighting options available at one touch. It has an SDK setting that allows you to code further lighting options for your convenience. Cooler Masters, however, claimed that the LEDs are for function, not flash. The light is supposed to solve one of gaming’s biggest nuances as the keyboard’s reflective metal plate amplifies brightness for late night gaming sessions.

The body of the keyboard is one or two millimeters larger than average-sized keyboards. You can experience the perks of having a large and full-sized keyboard without worrying about real estate on your desk.

Features and performance

The Pro L keyboard offers fast and seamless gaming performance courtesy of the following features: 32-bit ARM Cortex processor, CHERRY MX red switches, On-the-fly macros and profile support, 100% anti-ghosting, 512KB on-board memory, 1ms response rate, and 1000 Hz polling rate.

With all the innovative features the keyboard carries, the Pro L is definitely a gaming tool designed to elevate your gaming level to its highest potential. Compared to to other pricier keyboards in the market, it already boasts superior accuracy when in used for RTS, MOBA, and FPS genres. You can save and execute your own gaming commands and macros instantly to gain an instant advantage over your opponents.


Written by Derpina