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Amazon Deal Alert: Tecknet Raptor Mouse

Posted 12th January 2019 By: Derpina    369 Views

Amazon Deal Alert: Tecknet Raptor Mouse

Tech Review – If you enjoy good, quality deals, then the Amazon Today’s Deals are for you. These are limited promotions for the following categories: mobiles, apparels, books, and computer accessories. Here, you can purchase gaming equipment with cut-off prices and discount coupons.

Going over this week’s deals, we feature the Tecknet Raptor Wireless Gaming Mouse. This mouse can live up to your ultimate PC gaming desires, and you can get it for less if you buy now.

Price and reception

Tecknet is a UK-based retailer of lifestyle consumer electronics and accessories. They offer custom-designed and innovative products for mobile devices, TV, computers, and stereo system. The company has a solid name and reputation in the commercial market, that’s why it’s no surprise that buyers on Amazon are raving about its Raptor Wireless Gaming Mouse.

The mouse is available on Amazon for $9.09 USD when the Today’s Deals promo is on, and the Tecknet Raptor is frequently bundled together with TeckNet 12.6 x 9.4 Gaming Mouse Pad. Its regular retail price is $12.99  USD. At the time of this writing, the Raptor currently boast a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon and is well-loved by nearly 2,000 buyers. The numbers don’t lie, and we can truly tell that Tecknet’s budget-friendly mouse is the perfect equipment for amateurs looking for a high-quality mouse.

Build and design

The Raptor is known for its ergonomic shape design that enables maximum fit and comfort. The non-slip shape and ultra-low friction underside of the mouse offers smooth gliding during intense gaming sessions. After all, the brand confidently claims that the mouse offers a glove-like feel.

The mouse features six buttons around its body. There is a DPI switcher on top which allows the user to switch DPI directly by pressing the button in three different levels. The two buttons on the left side are for left and right click shortcuts. The remaining regular buttons can be used to map the games.

Features and performance

The main reason for the Raptor’s popularity is its precision and accuracy. It can deliver impressive features regardless of the gaming genre as it also advertises the following specs: Blue Wave Sensor, 3200 adjustable DPI (1000/1600/2400), 4000 sec frame rate, 15g acceleration, and 37 IPS tracking speed.

Furthermore, the Blue Wave Sensor is exclusive to Tecknet’s products. It’s a gaming sensor optimization that allows high-accuracy cursor command. To say it simply, it answers quickly and correctly to whatever hand action you do. You can even make it more responsive by configuring the DPI until you discover the fastest and most convenient maneuvers.


Written by Derpina