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VersionTech G2000: Combining Aesthetics & Performance

Posted 20th January 2019 By: Derpina    123 Views

VersionTech G2000: Combining Aesthetics & Performance

Tech Review – Gear aesthetics is usually associated with seasoned gamers who are serious about their gaming rigs, but it could also apply to beginners who want to indulge in a little color and pleasing designs. However, one needs to make sure that both design and appearance are in line with performance as well.

Going over the balance between quality and design, today’s episode of Tipify Gaming Equipment series showcases the aesthetics and performance of VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset, one of the best-selling gaming products on Amazon.

Price and reception

VersionTech is a retail electronics brand in America. They started doing business in 2010 to produce bluetooth headsets, VR gadgets, and other consumer electronics. Their product line of headsets is always included on Amazon’s best-seller list.

The G2000’s retail price on Amazon is $24.99 USD for the blue version. Other colors are also available –The Camo and Orange versions sell for $27.99 USD, while the red one has the same price as the original blue version. At press time, over 3,500 customers are raving about it—may it be users of Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Build and design

Customers have claimed that the G2000 has a stunning appearance and humanized design. The main selling point of the headset, above all, are the LED backlights that light up the ear cups and mic when in use. It can definitely improve the atmosphere of the game. The lights, however, are powered by using the additional USB cable from the set.

The main body and headband suit all head shapes. It has a skin-friendly leatherette, ventilate Protein ear cushions that can give you a comfortable gaming experience during long sessions. As for the layout, the buttons for gaming knobs can easily be reached on the left and right sides of the body to adjust the volume and speaker sensitivity.

Features and performance

Aside from the affordable price and the comfort it offers, the G2000 also fairs very well in the technicality department. The headset has a universal compatibility, so all of your devices can experience the following features and specifications in full force: 50mm magnetic neodymium driver, 108dB +/- 3dB sensitivity, 20-20KHz frequency range, and 320hm impedance.

The massive ear cushions cancels outside noises, and the drivers deliver an accurate and precise audio. You can talk to other gamers without distractions or unwanted noises, and whatever type of game you’re playing, you can be completely isolated from the outside world while wearing the G2000.


Written by Derpina