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League Of Legends 2019 Ranked Season Explained

Posted 6th February 2019 By: Derpina    1846 Views

League Of Legends 2019 Ranked Season Explained - Tipify

Esports News – The 2019 ranked season of League of Legends tournaments kick off with a new upgrade. The official update and the new competitive season launched in January 23, but the entry of the new split system was only partially introduced by the game developers and left many players puzzled.

Placement games

Every player gets a provisional rank after their first placement game. The provisional rank discloses where the player starts the climb and updates again after another placement. This ranking, however, is only visible to the player until he completes his placements. No one can’t lose LP during the placement process, but the provincial rank is the only way to level up. Victories earned accelerate the LP, allowing the player to skip promotions. After a total of eight placement in a position (equivalent of 10 games in Flex queue), the player is now qualified for a starting tank. All new accounts will be seeded at the bottom of the ladder.

Splits and Rewards

This season features three splits. For each split, a player can earn Split Points for every win to unlock split rewards necessary for ranking. The accumulated split points resets after every split—without intervals between split. Each split can last up to three months, and the first ends in the middle of April.

Furthermore, the Ranked Armor will continuously evolve to reflect the player’s current ranking and achievements from the Split Points. These points can also upgrade the armor, but the final rewards for the season will not be affected by them.

Position Ranks

Only Korean and North American servers can join the position ranks for the first ranked split. These position ranks give players a rank and matchmaking rating for every position. There will be a total of three different ratings for the split. Succeeding in each position matters as after each game, LP splashes into all other positions the player completed to come up with the overall performance. Even one loss can cause negative splashing.

Tiers and Divisions

There will be two new tiers this season, Iron and Grandmaster. Each of these tiers has four division. For a set of few divisions and more tiers, a player’s rank can accurately reflect his skills and improvements throughout the game. Iron starts below Bronze, while Grandmaster places between Master and Challenger.

Master plus

The Master+ was adjusted so players from different regions can play in tiers that correspond to their skill level. If a player reached the Master+, his position ranks break down into a single rank. Downgrading from the Master position restores position ranks.


Written by Derpina