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Overwatch League Season 2 Viewership Skyrockets

Posted 27th February 2019 By: Derpina    343 Views

Overwatch League Season 2 Viewership Skyrockets - Tipify

Esports News – The Overwatch League commenced its second season last February 14 with new expansion teams and city-based series. With these upgrades, Blizzard Entertainment has high hopes that the league will attract a new wave of audience this year. Lo and behold, the second season successfully reached 13 million people during its opening week–a 30% increase from last year’s inaugural season in which the July 2018 finals drew 10.8 million viewers.

Average viewership

The average viewership of the league on Twitch alone gained a year-over-year increase for week two of the second season. This is an impressive result as Blizzard added an hour more of live airtime per day of coverage. Meanwhile, the main Overwatch League channel that supports French and Korean-language platforms contributed 160k consistent and concurrent viewers for the week, adding a total of 4.82 million hours watched over the weekend. The figure increased from an average of 136.69K for live coverage on the same channels last seasons. All in all, the numbers hit 3.43 million hours watched.

Live airtime

Following the addition of new teams to the league, Blizzard increased the live airtime this season. Last year, the daily coverage only featured three matches, and the competitions took place between Wednesday to Saturday for regular season play. This year, the league revamped the schedule to add one more match per day of coverage. To make room for this new setup, three games are now played every Thursday, while four matches are set on Friday and Sunday. Saturdays are the action-packed days as five matches are being played to end the week.

Alternate language channels

The additional coverage and daily matches are not the only contributors to OWL’s increased viewership. The diverse language channels also plays its part here. The new alternate language channels have increased viewership options for OWL fans around the world, especially countries that are not supported by major subscription channels and networks.

Season 2 now includes Portuguese and Russian-language channels. Although the combined viewership of the two channels is just short of 10K, each still provided an average of 2k to 8K CCV daily. The numbers helped increase OWL’s average Twitch audience, earning a total of 68.6K CCV and 5 million hours watched for week two.



Written by Derpina