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Face Off: Runmus K8 vs TBI Pro GHS1

Posted 26th February 2019 By: Derpina    608 Views

Face Off: Runmus K8 vs TBI Pro GHS1

Tech Review – A dedicated headset is a necessity for gamers of any skill level. It immerses you in the action and helps you communicate better during crucial moments. While the quest for gaming headset can get beginners excited, you cannot guarantee that what you spend automatically translates to quality.

To get the ball rolling, we pick out two gaming headsets available in today’s market. We narrow down your list with the aid of today’s episode of Tipify gaming equipment series, which features the most-rated best-sellers available for purchase on Amazon: the Runmus K8 and TBI Pro GHS1 gaming headsets.

Runmus K8

Runmus headsets are well-loved by pros and casual players alike because of its features and affordability. Their K8, one of the best and fast-selling products on Amazon, is priced at $28.85 USD and boasts a total of 4.5 out of 5 stars from nearly 800 customers. All these positive receptions are due to the headset’s ability to exhibit one of the best sensations you could ever experience, thanks to the combined forces of its 50mm drivers, 20hz-20khz frequency range, Omnidirectional pick-up pattern, multi-platform compatibility, and upgraded 7.1 Audio IC. Hear every sound and voice command with its precise audio and sensitive microphone.

You can find the K8’s other competitive advantages through its build and design. The headset emphasizes an ergonomic body and lightweight material to give way to comfort and convenience. The headband is made of self-adjusting padding, while the cups are covered with soft memory foam and bionic protein cushion coat. It will sit comfortably on your head over long game sessions.


The TBI Pro is made by engineers that solely focus on crafting the best gaming headsets and smart chips. Their GHS1, specifically, gets plenty of attention on Amazon. At press time, the headset earned a total of 4.5 out of 5 stars from roughly 800 customers. And the best part here? You have a chance to get the headset for only $34.95 USD while supplies last. Save $35.00 USD (50%) from its original list price of $69.95 USD.

The best-seller badge of the GHSI is a result of its impeccable features and specifications: universal compatibility, 50mm directional drivers, 360-degree Omni-directional microphone, and 7.1 surround stereo sound. Now, topping the solid software is its durable build. GHS1 is a product of premium materials—the headband and cups are made of steel Slider, premium leather headband, and breathable earmuffs. It delivers crisp and detailed sound immersion for both gaming and entertainment, while easily providing maximum comfort and enjoyment.


Written by Derpina