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Cloud9 Lists Mousesports’ Sunny As Potential Fifth Player

Posted 5th March 2019 By: Derpina    245 Views

Cloud9 Lists Mousesports' Sunny As Potential Fifth Player - Tipify

Esports News – CSGO top-tier team Cloud9 announced the departure of pro player Jordan ‘Zellsis’ Montemurro yesterday after the team’s exit from the IEM Katowice 2019 Major tournament. Not even a day in, the team started generating buzz by teasing the addition of mousesports star Miikka ‘suNny’ Kemppi as a potential new fifth player.

Cloud 9’s roster shuffle

Cloud9 had a spectacular run in the recent major, making it out of the Challengers Stage. However, the team couldn’t hold on to their success in the Legends Stage, and this resulted in a disappointing exit from the Major.

With this, fans and analysts have concluded that there’s something off with the current and active roster of the team. The competitive season had already seen the numerous iterations of Cloud9’s starting lineup in the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 Championship. Then and there, they announced the departure of Robin ‘Flusha’ Rönnquist, while Maikil ‘Golden’ Selim was said to join the team once again. Now, the exit of Zellsis requires the team to look for another pro that can fill the hole. It was reported that Zellsis was struggling to reach a consistent player stats in the recent major, only recording a 0.86 player rating while having a -25 kill/death differential.

Potential entry of Sunny

24-year old SuNny is on Cloud9’s list of potential player to fill the hole Zellsis left. His track record is as impressive as Zellsis. SuNny was named the 16th best player of the world in 2018, following his impressive run at the StarSeries Season 4, the V4 Future Sports Festival, and ESL One New York. He has been playing as mousesports’ Rifler (entry fragger) since 2017.

Despite the current state of things within the team, It’s worth noting that there are reports that Cloud9 and mousesports had open talks regarding the potential transfer of SuNny, but the final agreement has yet to be announced. At present, Sunny is one of the three active players in mousesports lineup, along with Robin ‘ropz’ Kool and Tomas ‘Oskar’ Stastny. The team recently benched Martin ‘STYKO’ Styk and Chris ‘chrisJ’ de Jong after their disappointing performances at the Europe Minor.


Written by Derpina