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ESL Pro League Season 9: Venue and Asian Teams Confirmed

Posted 27th March 2019 By: Derpina    342 Views

ESL Pro League Season 9: Venue and Asian Teams Confirmed - Tipify

Esports News – Season 9 of the prestigious ESL Pro League heads to France with a powerful set of Asian teams competing for the lion’s share prize pool and the glory of snatching the title from the current reigning champions, Astralis.

Competing teams

The Asian qualifiers for the tournament has concluded, and with it comes the four CS:GO teams advancing to the next stage. EPL’s Asia sub-region qualifiers has got their representatives from China and Southeast Asia. MVP PK and 5POWER advances to the main qualifier through the Chinese qualifier and will compete with the invited teams Tyloo and Vici Gaming, while BOOT-d[S], Alpha Red, and Lucid Dream will compete for the Southeast Asia closed bracket against Indian top-tier team Entity.

All the participants will be divided into two groups and each compete against each other in the second group. The overall winner secures a ticket for the ESL Pro League Finals in Montpellier, France, from June 18-23.

Group A

TYLOO – China
ViCi Gaming – China
MVP PK – Korea
5POWER – China

Group B

BOOT-d[S] – Singapore
Entity – India
Lucid Dream – Thailand
Alpha Red – Thailand

Predictions and top-tier teams

From the divided set, analysts and enthusiasts believe that Group A’s lineup contains most of the top-tier teams as compared to Group B, so one of the teams from the first group might take home the title. Vici Gaming recently finished off as third-runner up in the recent Asia Minor Championship – Katowice 2019, while TYLOO has an impressive track record with titles and 2nd finishes from 2018. Aside from this, 5POWER, China’s third representative, recently won the Douyu Super League.

In Group B, despite what the majority is claiming, Lucid Dream and Entity still hold a solid record from their previous events leading to the ESL Pro League qualifier. Entity recently bagged all the titles from the recent ESL India Premiership – Winter, Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup, and Mountain Dew Arena. Meanwhile, Lucid Dream finished 1st at the ESL Pro League Season 9 – Asia: Southeast Asian Qualifier.

New tournament venue

ESL Pro League heads to France for the first time to bring the 16 world’s best teams from Europe, America, and Asia-Pacific in one arena. According to Ulrich Schulze, Senior Vice President of Product at ESL, the change of venue was due to the company’s mission to promote esports in other parts of the world with a huge gaming community: “We are looking forward to bringing the CS:GO Pro League Finals to a completely new location…the French community is known for its passion for esports and especially CS:GO, which comes as no surprise considering some of the top players are from France. With a brand new Pro League format featuring live studio matches and groups system we are breaking it down to some of the purest esports the community has ever seen.”


Written by Derpina