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LoL Clash Mode Extended Tests To EUW/EUN Regions

Posted 11th March 2019 By: Derpina    550 Views

LoL Clash Mode Extended Tests To EUW/EUN Regions - Tipify

Esports News – The Clash mode, a tournament style from League of Legends, generates buzz once again after facing several server issues. Riot Games announced that new Clash tests are coming this weekend for selected regions.

Extended regional tests

Clash mode allows more regions to experience its features through different tests exclusive for EUW and EUN players. The tournament is set to happen this weekend, and it features a two-day Clash competition. Players still have time to gather their forces as Riot will allow all participants to form their teams in the selected regions starting today. This Team Formation stage will end on March 15, the day before the official games begin.

The main test focuses on observing both tier-based phasing and phase cap functionality in order to prevent server overload, as well as on identifying how many teams can compete each day. If successful, the Tier-based Phasing allows Riot to stagger start times for different tiers. Each team receives a lock-in time depending on their combined tier (Tier IV starts earlier and Tier I starts later). Here’s the complete breakdown of the process from Riot Games Design Director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon’s blog post:

Tier-based phasing. Matches for different skill tiers start at different times of the day to spread out how many players hit the servers all at once basically.

Caps. There’s a limit to how many teams can compete each day. The limit’s very large, so shouldn’t be hit in most servers. We do believe it’s better to stop taking new teams into a Clash tournament if a server gets really full than to let a few more players in at the expense of degrading game performance for everyone already there.

Rewards and requirements

Riot explained that the Clash tournaments are now open to the public for free as players won’t need to purchase the in-game Clash Ticket anymore, although there are other requirements that need to be followed: “On March 11, team creation for a Clash test opens in EUW and EUN. Tournaments run on Saturday and Sunday…It is free to participate in the test (you won’t need a ticket) and you can play over both days or choose either one. To participate in the test you need to be ranked and above Honor level 2.”

On Saturday, the tournament kicks off with four teams. The Sunday event presents eight teams in one bracket. As an exchange for each player’s participation, all participants are rewarded with loot boxes, 1 Summoner Icon, and a handful of Victory Points that can be used to purchase Clash-related items.


Written by Derpina