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Overwatch League All-Star Game Voting Is Now Open

Posted 28th March 2019 By: Derpina    384 Views

Overwatch League All-Star Game Voting Is Now Open - Tipify

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Esports News – With the conclusion of Overwatch League Season 2, Stage 1, the tournament is now set to introduce another season of its All-Star event. Fans, analysts, and esports enthusiasts can now determine which of the top players get a chance to partake in the tournament through voting.

Tournament details

The Overwatch League All-Star game takes place from May 15 to 16 at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, California. The 2-day event sees stages two and three with players representing the Pacific and Atlantic Division. Participants will face each other in a series of custom-made games on the first day, while the main All-Star event with a first-to-four format takes place the day after. Atlantic and Pacific players then compete in the official event to determine which division will reign supreme.

All the matches air live on ESPN2 on Wednesday, while the actual All-Star Game goes live on ESPNEWS on Thursday. For viewers’ convenience, both daily matches will also go live on, the official Overwatch League app, Overwatch Twitch Channel,, and MLG app.

For those who want to see their favorite players on the game, they can now cast their votes on the Overwatch League’s website. One person gets to pick the starting six players representing each division. They can build their own personalized Atlantic and Pacific rosters with designated players from the following roles: support, tank, and DPS. Voters need to log-in their Blizzard Battle account to participate. The voting system ends on April 28, and the starting rosters will be announced within May.

Top players

Participants who qualify for the All-Star game must have played at least 10 maps during their team’s regular-season performances, but this rule is an exception to those players who was an active participant of the 2018 All-Star. Veteran players are automatically eligible to be part of the voting roster.

Some of the expected participants this season are New York Excelsior’s Saebyeolbe, Seoul Dynasty’s ryujehong, and Vancouver Titan’s Bumper. The three players are known for their impressive performances as Tanks and DPS.

Saebyeolbe, specifically, is dubbed by many as the best Tracer player in the world. He also has complete mastery over other hard-to-play players like Widowmaker and McCree. Ryujehong, on the other hand, is one of the oldest players in the Overwatch competitive scene. He has claimed two APEX championships and had his fair share of contributions to Seoul Dynasty’s victories. As for Bumper, a new OWL player from expansion team Vancouver Titans, he’s expected to join the lineup because of his performance as the team’s main tank. He has a history of bumping from one role to another, making him one of the most versatile Overwatch players in the scene.


Written by Derpina