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Overwatch League Week 3 Recap: Upsets And Consistencies

Posted 6th March 2019 By: Derpina    203 Views

Overwatch League Week 3 Recap: Upsets And Consistencies - Tipify

Esports News – The second season of the Overwatch League is now on its third week, and the natural order of things is slowly falling into place. Some of the established teams succeeded in Week 1 and 2, while other favorites have fallen into a pit. New stars from the expansion teams are also on the rise, ready to take their rightful positions. With another week close to a conclusion, here are the latest takeaways from Season 2, Week 3.

Satisfied predictions

New York Excelsior, the top seeder team from last season, came back with new tactics and strategy this season. The team hopes to prevent another tournament upset this year after what happened at the inaugural season, so they’re definitely one to watch in season 2.

The team has been consistent since day 1. Their victory against Seoul Dynasty, another favorite this year, was an expected win as the battle was a tough one even in the eyes of the analysts. Dynasty currently holds the 13th position in the rankings, so their impressive performance that nearly brought New York Excelsior to its knees was a surprise to everyone. Concluding the battle, the dominating team held an 18-6-1 record after losing only one map per game.

Moving on, the Los Angeles Valiant has been having a tough week this season. Their consecutive defeats against the expansion teams Vancouver Titans and Guangzhou Charge stained their record. The Titans sits behind New York Excelsior in terms of record and ratings, but the established team has played more games than the expansion teams. With that, people are now looking at the other expansion teams for more potentials.

Upsets and the unexpected

The notorious Shanghai Dragons that concluded their inaugural season with zero wins has truly leveled up their game. Now with a fresh roster, the team went head to head against the Chengdu Hunters, and closed off the match with a 4-0 victory. One can say that Dragons had low chances of pulling off a winning streak, but the unexpected happened in Week 3.

Another team that pulled off a surprisingly good performance this week was Atlanta Reign. The team’s matchup against Paris Eternal earned them their first 4-0 victory. After beating Eternal, the future of Reign is brighter than ever. They have a high chance of making it to the playoffs this season.


Written by Derpina