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Overwatch League Week 5: The Expected And The Unexpected

Posted 20th March 2019 By: Derpina    314 Views

Overwatch League Week 5: The Expected And The Unexpected - Tipify

Esports News – Week 5 of the Overwatch League Season 2, Stage 1 is has come to a close. The Overwatch teams with the possible slots in the playoffs are already determined, while others who can’t find their balance are falling behind. Let’s have a breakdown of the results to keep up with the schedule:

Satisfied predictions

The currently dominating expansion team Vancouver Titans is a sure playoff candidate. Their last match against Guangzhou Charge to close off the entire stage has proven that they are the best team new and expansion teams should keep an eye on. The score of their recent game before the last match will not affect their official playoff status, but it can still tell if they can surpass the New York Excelsior in the first-place ranking. So by beating Charge in a 4-0 victory, they now have a sure ticket to the playoffs and pushing the Excelsior into the second place is just a consolation.

Moving on, we have the Paris Eternal who didn’t make it into the Stage One playoffs cutoff. According to analysts, it wasn’t because of the team’s lack of balance or determination—it was the pressure on their shoulders. Eternal had to play both days in Week 5. The first matchup was against the Washington Justice. It was a success, and they walked away with a decent 2-1 victory. The win was mostly due to Harrison “Kruise” Pond’s 31k healing and 30k hero damage using Lucio. The succeeding matches after that saw the team’s inconsistency as they were working on off-meta strategies for a while now.

Upsets and the unexpected

The most exciting part of Week 5 was Boston Uprising and Dallas Fuel’s fight for the remaining slot #8 in the playoffs. Both teams are hanging by a thread, and their matchup will determine which secures a position in Stage One. In the end, Boston won the game and ended Dallas in a complete reverse sweep. From 0-2 at half-time to a closing score of 3-2, the team managed to clinch their victory.

The top Overwatch teams on the playoffs are expected by many to completely dominate the entire tournament, but the teams below the top 5 rank are unexpectedly performing well. The Philadelphia Fusion and Toronto Defiant are tied for the third rank, while San Francisco Shock and Seoul Dynasty are tied for the sixth. Defiant and Fusion’s spot will be determined through a coin flip, while Shock and Dynasty will have a tiebreaker match.


Written by Derpina