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Starseries i-League Season 7 Viewer’s Guide

Posted 29th March 2019 By: Derpina    325 Views

Starseries i-League Season 7 Viewer's Guide - Tipify

Esports News – With the Starseries i-League Season 7 kicking off tomorrow, everyone is excited to tune in and predict the winner who takes home the lion’s share of the $500,000 prize pool, one of the biggest prizes in the history of Starseries i-League tournaments. A total of 16 teams grace the stage on Saturday and compete non-stop for 8 days. To follow the action-packed event, here’s a definitive viewer’s guide.

Tournament details

The event is set to happen at Baoshan Sports Center, Shanghai from March 30 to April 7. The seventh season returns with an even bigger prize pool, but retains the previous format using the Swiss stage, the most successful and objective tournament format in CSGO.

In the Group Stage, all CS:GO teams compete in a Swiss System format where all matches are follow a BO3 format. The teams will undergo 5 rounds. Invited and qualified players will be divided into two seeding pools in the first round, with top 8 teams proceeding to the playoffs, while the bottom teams officially eliminated from the tournament.

Participants for the playoffs stage will compete in a single-elimination bracket. All matches are in BO3, except for the grand final round which is in BO5.

Participating teams

Starseries i-League Season 7 features 16 teams from different regions. 13 of the teams were invited, while the other three were qualified from European and Asian Qualifiers and the GAMECON Open 2018.

North – Denmark
ENCE Esports – Finland
FaZe Clan – Europe
TYLOO – China
Fnatic – Sweden
MIBR – Brazil
BIG – Germany
Natus Vincere – Ukraine
NRG – United States
Spirit – Russia
PaiN Gaming – Brazil
Renegades – Australia
Ninjas in Pyjamas – Sweden
Panda – China
Vitality – France
ViCi Gaming – China

Event schedule

The group stages will commence from March 30 to April 3, the next day offers a single-day break for the teams. The playoffs stage is set to take place afterward, from April 5 to 6, and the final showdown on April 7. The in-between matches from March 30 to April 7 will be revealed after the winners of the group stage are announced, so here are the schedules for the first and last day of the event.

Saturday, March 30

11:00 | Denmark North vs. United States NRG | Bo3
11:00 | Finland ENCE vs. Russia Spirit | Bo3
14:00 | Europe FaZe vs. Brazil paiN | Bo3
14:00 | China TYLOO vs. Australia Renegades | Bo3
17:00 | Sweden fnatic vs. Sweden NiP | Bo3
17:00 | Brazil MIBR vs. China Panda | Bo3
20:00 | Germany BIG vs. France Vitality | Bo3
20:00 | Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. China ViCi | Bo3

Sunday, April 7

16:00 | Showmatch
17:00 | Grand Final | Bo5


Written by Derpina