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AmazonBasics Pro Gaming Headset: A House Brand Review

Posted 3rd March 2019 By: Derpina    802 Views

AmazonBasics Pro Gaming Headset: A House Brand Review

Tech Review – Amazon, the biggest e-commerce marketplace in the world, recently launched its house brand AmazonBasics. It’s a product line that mainly sells consumer electronics accessories to gear up gaming and other household everyday items. Apart from being affordable, Amazon also prides itself in the features and performances of all products under this line. And this includes high-quality gaming equipment.

Checking out the product line, this week’s episode of Tipify Gaming Equipment Series highlights AmazonBasics Pro Gaming Headset, one of the current fast-selling models for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PS4 gamers.

Price and reception

The headset is priced at $53.99 USD. From the reviews of most gamers using it for PC, it garnered a total of 3.9 out of 5 stars rating. Many commend its ability to provide the common blend of strong features at reasonable price. Specifically, they highlight the headset’s multi-platform use, stereo sound, and impeccable comfort.

Build and design

The main headband of the body is composed of flexible plastic, so you can adjust it and use the on-ear speakers. The ear cups are padded with artificial leather cushion and are supported by the padded headband with polyurethane leather on top. This enables lightweight fit for comfortable long gaming sessions. But from time to time, take notice if the cushions sit firmer against the ear.

Moving on from the materials used, it’s worth noting that the headset allows 2-way communication for exciting video game play. It’s equipped with a flexible unidirectional microphone. While playing, you get control over the clarity of the mic and snuff out background noise. Whether you’re acting as a player or a team captain, you can relay any actions and commands in real time with ease.

Features and performance

The Pro Gaming Headset is specifically designed for players who want to fully immerse themselves in the game without distractions. Anyone with a device that supports a 3.5mm jack can use it and fully utilize its specifications, most especially the high-quality surround sound.

The audio quality is well suited for immersive games and blockbuster movies. However, you might notice that footsteps and directional audio effects in first person shooter genres are less perceivable. Regardless, it will not fail you when it comes to in-game communications.


Written by Derpina