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BlueFinger Gaming Set: Complete Combo Review

Posted 2nd March 2019 By: Derpina    660 Views

BlueFinger Gaming Set: Complete Combo Review

Tech Review – Building the ultimate console gaming setup this 2019 can be a challenge for new gamers. There are hundreds of competing brands in the industry, and each one introduces different gaming styles and features that might require a learning curve. With that, it is important to choose quality equipment that matches your personality as a gamer.

To give you a hand with that, today’s episode of Tipify Gaming Equipment series features one of the best-selling equipment combos on Amazon: the BlueFinger Keyboard and Mouse Set. The deal comes with the brand’s most popular keyboard, mouse, and mousepad.

Price and reception

The entire set is priced at $35.99 USD on Amazon. It includes 3 individual gaming equipment sold by BlueFinger. At press time, the BlueFinger Gaming Set garnered an average of 4 out of 5 stars from over 300 customers–this alone gives light to the product’s quality.

Build and design

The keyboard and mouse are both crafted with ABS materials and are surfaced with crack patterns–the usual designs found on hardcore gaming devices. It plays with the colors red and black, which also matches the mousepad. The set truly possesses a visual and conceptual unity that you can easily place on your gaming setup.

If you want to move away from the original colors of the hardware, the backlit gaming keyboard and mouse come in 3 LED colors and 3 breathing modes for red, blue, and purple. Pressing FN+SL changes the colors, Fn+PS activates the 3-color auto-changing mode, and Fn+PB turns on the color breath mode.

Features and performance

The keyboard is equipped with 10 multimedia keys (for surfing the Internet, volume control, and gaming and office functions), lighting and brightness controls, and 19 non-conflict keys. The multimedia keys for your personal gaming functions are located on top, making it easy for you to access some basic window function keys while gaming.

Meanwhile, the mouse carries an adjustable DPI button of 800,1200, 1600, and 2000, Boss and Fire buttons for professional gaming, and color-changing buttons to match the keyboard. The designated mousepad is made specifically for the mouse, so it would barely make any noise as it glides smoothly on the surface.

Both the mouse and keyboard are compatible with Windows XP and above and Mac OS X. You can access their main functions simultaneously with any device and without conflict.


Written by Derpina