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Top 5 Champions Facing Major Changes In LoL Patch 9.5

Posted 7th March 2019 By: Derpina    705 Views

Top 5 Champions Facing Major Changes In LoL Patch 9.5

Esports News – The latest League of Legends patch rolled out this week, and it contains a handful of major changes and improvements that will change the way you play the game. Patch 9.5 presents buffs, nerfs, champion rework, visual updates, and new skins. Players are still testing its full potential, while others continue their search for Easter eggs. If you’re ready to ride the train and get an edge over your opponents, here are the top 5 champions affected by Patch 9.5:


Kayle was introduced by Riot Games a decade ago. And since she’s one of the oldest heroes, she has been an underrated character for a while now. This is mainly due to her kit’s lack of power. Originally, Kayle is known for her Divine Ascent, Radiant Blast, Celestial Blessing, Starfire Spellblade, and Divine Judgement. Now that Patch 9.5 is out in the world, Kayle now has the ability to shift the balance of solo queue games on its head. Her new kit will allow here to excel over other champions. In addition, her basic abilities and attacks became stronger, hitting full power at level 16.

Dr. Mundo

Like Kalye, Dr. Mundo was also left on the sidelines years after his launch. Dr. mundo is a psychopath who captures and tortures people in a place called Zaun. He’s at his best when used as a top lane and jungle. Although not one of the major buffs in the patch, the extra 12 percent magic resist at rank five that Riot gave him will allow him to use more cohesive armor items after using his Spirit Visage.


Neeko, one of the newest champions introduced in 2018, she’s the 141st champion of the league. As a newbie, she has seen a slight buff in Patch 9.5. Riot changed the conditions for her Tangle Barbs, Snares, and other items. If used effectively, she can perform well as a mid or bot laner—contributing in aggressive team fights.


Skarner is already a competitive character. His Impale enables him to lock down enemies and drag them back to their teams. Patch 9.5 imposed some changes to his Crystal Spires and Crystal Vanguard. The spires would no longer appear on the minimap, so players will find it difficult to track his position. He has the element of surprise in all angles now.


The dethroned river king Gangplank may now return to competitive play because of Patch 9.5. He saw a boost to his early game power using Powder Kegs and more damage on his Cannon Barrage. When used strategically, this will give him the power to trade back on lane opponents. If Riot will give him another buff next update, he might rise in the top lance once again to join other Kleptomancy champions.


Written by Derpina