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Blast Pro Series Miami: Teams, Format, Schedule

Posted 2nd April 2019 By: Derpina    284 Views

Blast Pro Series Miami: Teams, Format, Schedule - Tipify

Esports News – RFRSH Entertainment’s Blast Pro Series is set to grace the stage of Miami, Florida to once again deliver an elite-level CS:GO tournament series. This marks the series’ first tournament in North America. It runs from April 12 to 13 at the Watsco Center and will see 6 premier teams competing for the title and the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize pool.

Tournament details

This year’s Blast Pro Series follows the usual tournament format used in the previous seasons. The first two rounds of the round-robin group stage in BO1 format will be introduced on the first day, hidden in the public eye. For the second day, Watsco Center’s arena open its doors to CS:GO fans to witness the final three rounds of the round robin stage, the Blast Pro Standoff battles, and the grand finals.

The top two teams that emerge victorious from the group stage advances to the grand finals and the Blast Pro Standoff, a prize bonus showmatch featuring 1v1 duels. The winner of this round receives a $20,000 USD bonus prize on top of the initial prize pool.

Competing teams

The lineup for the tournament includes the current back-to-back BLAST Pro Series champions Astralis. They will face other powerhouse CS:GO teams: Cloud9, FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, MIBR, and Natus Vincere. From the 6 teams, only Cloud9 shuffled their roster prior to the event. The team acquired Daniel “Vice” Kim as the trial and Ronald “Rambo” Kim as the coach, and it was also reported that René “cajunb” Borg will fight under their banner on the home side for the opening round of matches.

Event schedule

The complete breakdown of the tournament’s schedule from April 12 to 13 is as follows:


Round one

05:00 – (Brazil) MIBR vs (Ukraine) Natus Vincere | BO1
05:00 – (Denmark) Astralis vs (United States) Cloud9 | BO1
05:00 – (United States) Liquid vs (Europe) FaZe | BO1

Round two

06:30 – Cloud9 vs Liquid | BO1
06:30 – FaZe vs MIBR | BO1
06:30 – Astralis vs Natus Vincere | BO1


Round three

00:00 – Cloud9 vs FaZe | BO1
00:00 – Astralis vs MIBR | BO1
00:00 – Liquid vs Natus Vincere | BO1

Round four

01:20 – Astralis vs Liquid | BO1
01:20 – Cloud9 vs MIBR | BO1
01:20 – FaZe vs Natus Vincere | BO1

Round five

02:40 – MIBR vs Liquid | BO1
02:40 – Cloud9 vs Natus Vincere | BO1
02:40 – Astralis vs FaZe | BO1
04:00 – BLAST Pro Series Stand-off
05:00 – Grand final | BO3


Written by Derpina