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IEM Chicago 2019 Returns With 8 EU, NA Teams

Posted 29th April 2019 By: Derpina    534 Views

IEM Chicago 2019 Returns With 8 EU, NA Teams - Tipify

Esports News – Some of best CS:GO teams in the world will once again compete at this year’s IEM Chicago for a $250,000 prize pool, but the original 16 teams were cut in half as the lineup can only accommodate 8 teams. The tournament takes place at its new venue, the United Center, from July 18 to 21, and overlaps with the European and American CS:GO Minors in Berlin.

Tournament format

For the first two days, all teams compete under the group stage—backstage and away from the public’s eye. The playoffs then heads to the United Center, a 23,500-seater arena that serves as the home venue of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls. This is an upgrade from last year’s Wintrust Arena which can only cater 10,000 people. And it comes from a three-year agreement between ESL and the United Center. With that, the best teams from the original lineup will be determined from July 20 to 21. Only two of the 8 teams from each of the BO3 GSL groups will proceed to the next stage.

Teams and regions

ESL has yet to announce the participating teams in the CS:GO tournament, but their initial announcement revealed that the matches highlight the rivalry between Europe and North America. The list of teams then follows the theme. Four teams represent the two regions, and there will be no spots for Asia and other minor regions. The 8 EU and NA teams participating this year will challenge the position of Danish team Astralis. The reigning champion won after defeating Team Liquid in the finals last year.

Full schedule

Thursday – July 18

00:00 Group A match #1 & #2 (BO3)
03:50 Group B match #1 & #2 (BO3)
~07:40 Group A winners’ match (BO3)
~07:40 Group A’s elimination match (BO3)

Friday – July 19

00:00 Group B winners’ match (BO3)
00:00 Group B elimination match (BO3)
~03:50 Group A decider match (BO3)
~07:25 Group B decider match (BO3)

Saturday – July 20

03:30 Semi-final #1 (BO3)
~07:20 Semi-final #2 (BO3)

Sunday – July 21

03:30 Grand Final (BO5)
Europe vs North America


Written by Derpina