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StarSeries Season 7 Quarterfinals’ Team Pairings

Posted 4th April 2019 By: Derpina    196 Views

StarSeries Season 7 Quarterfinals Team Pairings - Tipify

Esports News – The Swiss Stage of the StarSeries season 7 is over, and with it comes the elimination of 4 teams at the bottom of the ladder. As the competition continues, only 8 CS:GO teams advance to the knockout stages of the playoffs. The quarterfinals pairings and the match schedule have already been disclosed. Read on below for the full details.

Qualifiers recap

Fnatic’s performance was the highlight of the qualifiers. The Swedish team stormed through the first phase of the tournament and beat the likes of Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG, and Team Vitality. They only lost a single map along the way, the rest were sure victories.

Joining Fnatic in their winning streak is Renegades. The team ended the stage with a 3-0 score. This isn’t surprising as Renegades already have a solid track record this competitive season, most of which came from their CS:GO Major wins. Following Renegades’ footsteps with only one loss behind are ENCE Esports and Natus Vincere with a 3-1 record. North and NRG also made it to the cut-off with an underwhelming score of 2-2.

The eliminated teams weren’t so lucky. Made In Brazil lost to North and NRG and didn’t make it to the cut-off. Panda, who then lost to Made In Brazil, struggled to compete against other low-tier teams despite successfully beating Faze Clan in the first map of their BO3 series. Vici Gaming and Tyloo also went home with a disappointing run.

Quarterfinals team pairings

Now that the elimination round is over, the final pairings and schedule for the quarterfinals have been released—pitting the remaining teams against each other.

Natus Vincere and ENCE opens the first round of the playoffs with a rematch. The two were rivals at the recent IEM Katowice Major. This is be followed by Fnatic versus North, the former team went through the Swiss Stage with a 3-0 record so it is expected that they have the upper hand.

Renegades, another unbeatable team, will then meet Ninjas in Pyjamas in the third wave of matches. The last set of matches before the one-day break and three quarter-final encounters were given to NRG and Team Vitality.

(Ukraine) Natus Vincere vs (Finland) ENCE
(Sweden) fnatic vs (Denmark) North
(Australia) Renegades vs (Sweden) NiP
(United States) NRG vs (France) Vitality


Written by Derpina