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5 More Teams Enter EPICENTER Major 2019

Posted 21st May 2019 By: Derpina    266 Views

5 More Teams Enter EPICENTER Major 2019 - Tipify

Esports News – The EPICENTER Major is almost here, teasing and building up the most-awaited The International 2019. The lineup is open for more powerhouse teams to join the tournament and to seal their fate for the last Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) event of the season. Along with the qualified teams, here are the new set of teams who have earned their places:


Royal Never Give Up is already a powerhouse team ever since the DPC system was established. The team made an impressive run in the group stage, vying for the first seed with PSG.LGD. Sadly, the latter team beat them in the tie-breaker series. Regardless, RNG took second place and headed to the playoffs with a comfortable standing. They defeated Team Aster 2-1 and Vici Gaming 2-0 in two aggressive matches.


OG Esports, the championship team of TI8, is the representative of Europe this season. The team dominated the lower brackets after being defeated by Team Liquid 2-1 in the first round of matches. In the next stage, they swept Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-0 and beat Alliance to get the top rank. They’ve finished their first match with Alliance in only 19 minutes, but Alliance fought back in the second game. This particular matchup revealed the true potential of OG Esports after a long hiatus. We’ll now see if they can easily secure and defend their title at TI9.


People expect Virtus.Pro to bag the first spot in the lineup. However, Gambit, an underdog, and Natus Vincere will represent CIS this season. The two teams surprisingly gave impressive performances in the group stages, but it was Na’vi who truly dethroned Virtus. Pro as the best CIS team. Na’vi defeated Windstrike 2-0 in the lower brackets to take VP in the grand finals. Both teams are vying for the final spot. It took five games for both teams to end the match and for Na’Vi to climb up the ladder.

North America

Evil Geniuses will represent NA this season, courtesy of their last match against Forward Gaming, an undefeated team in the group stage. After their first victory, EG cruised through the next stages undefeated until they faced Complexity. The opposing team gave them a hard time, but EG emerged victorious in the end.

South America

Infamous outsmarted other SA teams and secured their spot in the upper brackets. The team bested Egoboys and Gorillaz Pride to reach the grand finals. In there, they once again met Egoboys in the arena only to defeat them again. Infamous now holds the second SA slot for the EPICENTER Major and the 29th place in the DPC rankings.


Written by Derpina