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CS_Summit 4 Crowns Team Vitality As New Champions

Posted 27th May 2019 By: Derpina    305 Views

CS_Summit 4 Crowns Team Vitality As New Champions - Tipify

Esports News – CS_summit 4, a highly-regarded CS:GO tournament, concludes with Team Vitality as the new reigning champions. The winning team defeated Team Liquid with a 2-0 victory in Nuke (16-9) and Overpass (16-13, pulling of an upset. Team Vitality went home with the 4th season’s title and the $64,500 prize money.

Tournament recap

The grand final match started on Nuke. This is the same map where Vitality beat Team Liquid 16-3 in the group stage, so the winning team gains advantage on the first map. In fact, analysts and viewers confirmed that the beginning of the match saw Vitality executing the same tactics and strategies from the group stage. And lo and behold, it worked well for the team once again.

Team Vitality controlled first half of the game, owning the CT side with a pistol round win and trading gun rounds back and forth. They took a 5-1 lead. Meanwhile, Team Liquid continued to struggle in the second round, failing to enter the bombsite multiple times. This allowed Vitality to secure another lead and win the next 12 rounds, thanks to Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt’s efforts to add a pistol round on top of the captain’s triple. Team Liquid managed to win 5 rounds in a row, but Team Vitality secured the first map at 16-9.

Team Liquid tried to even the playing field on Overpass, the second map. Truth be told, they had a good round after getting a 3-0 early lead after Nick “nitr0” Cannella blocked Vitality’s Cédric “RpK” Guipouy attempt to execute a 1v3 clutch. However, Team Liquid’s lead was short-lived. Vitality got back on their feet after securing their weaponry.

Vitality’s Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut extended his team’s lead to 12-4 when he received a massive 1v3 in the second pistol round on the A bombsite. Team Liquid kept fighting, despite the odds. But Vitality found a way to end the game with a clean round and closed out the second map with a 16-3 score.

Player K-D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut 46-27 +19 87.6 1.44
Cédric ‘RpK’ Guipouy 39-30 +9 74.2 1.17
Nathan ‘NBK-‘ Schmitt 36-38 -2 79.3 1.10
Alex ‘ALEX’ McMeekin 32-33 -1 61.8 0.97
Dan ‘apEX’ Madesclaire 33-36 -3 76.6 0.96

CS_Summit 4 final standings

1. Team Vitality – $64,500
2. Team Liquid – $36,500
3-4. ENCE – $20,000
3-4. NRG – $21,500
5. Ghost – $4,500


Written by Derpina