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Europe Dominates MDL Disneyland Paris Upper Bracket Series

Posted 7th May 2019 By: Derpina    293 Views

Europe Dominates MDL Disneyland Paris Upper Bracket Series - Tipify

Esports News – The MDL Disneyland Paris Major recently concluded its first upper bracket tournament series to mark the beginning of one of the biggest Majors this DPC competitive season. As the event progresses, OG Esports and Team Secret continue to triumph over other participants, raising the banners of the European region.

Tournament format

After the 2-day group stage where the 16 Dota teams competed under four divisions with four each, the top 2 teams advanced to the upper bracket of the playoffs. They were then followed by the bottom two teams to the lower bracket of the playoffs.

The playoffs which is currently on-going concludes on May 12th. The original 16 participants will play in a double elimination format for the first few days, while the final four days of the playoffs will be played in front of a live crowd.

Tournament recap

The first day of the playoffs started with two matches from the upper bracket series. The matches were based on the teams’ group stage results and performances, so it’s no surprise that OG Esports, Team Secret, and other powerhouse teams would start the game.

Team Secret faced PSG.LGD in the first round of matches. Team Secret has been experimenting on some unconventional drafts and hero selections, and most of these strategies proved successful. Meanwhile, PSG.LGD’s winning streak was stopped by two dominant fights executed by Team Secret. This hindered the chances of the Chinese team to claim the last remaining Majors before The International 9. Despite the European team’s secured ticket to TI9, Team Secret remains aggressive.

In other news, OG Esports was pitted against powerhouse team Virtus.Pro. Their first match was played in an even ground as the gold advantage remained at 3k all throughout the game. A bad maneuver by Virtus.Pro allowed OG Esports to finally gain a lead by wiping out all its team players on the first round. It turned out that one wrong move from Virtus. Pro was all OG Esports needed to turn the game upside down. When the second game began, OG Esports once again proved that they are still the reigning champions of TI8. In just 19 minutes, victory was theirs.


Written by Derpina