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New Dota 2 Hero ‘Mars’ Debuts At ESL One Birmingham 2019

Posted 30th May 2019 By: Derpina    706 Views

New Dota 2 Hero 'Mars' Debuts At ESL One Birmingham 2019 - Tipify

Esports News – ESL One Birmingham just started this week, but the competitive Dota 2 season isn’t here to take a rest and watch the group stage pass by smoothly. The action continues with the debut of one of the new heroes this season. Mars, the First Son of Heaven, can now be used by pro players under the Captains Mode.

New update debuts at ESL One Birmingham

Mars is a product of the 7.22 gameplay update released days before ESL One Birmingham 2019. The update included some changes to existing items and hero skills, but the addition and intrusion of a new hero is the major update in the gameplay. If one can remember, Mars actually made his unofficial debut in the Rampage Series 5 SEA just hours after the 7.22 update dropped. But the event wasn’t a LAN tournament, and it’s not the right platform to determine Mars’ potential.

Now, ESL One Birmingham stages will see how Mars’ role and attack type can benefit pro players. Vici Gaming picked the hero up in both of their opening matches, giving Team Liquid an equal playing ground. Forward Gaming also picked Mars in one of their opening matches—the same match they lost to TNC Predator. Overall, Mars was chosen as a hero eight times and only saw two wins.

Hero picks And tournament format

Other Dota 2 teams still get a chance to pick Mars for the succeeding tournaments. We’re still in the group stages, and there are more surprises along the way. Also, it’s worth considering the tournament format of ESL One Birmingham as it is actually vital to the team’s tactics and strategies while using Mars.

All the 12 competing teams are divided into two groups with 6 teams each, following the round-robin, BO2 format in the first stages. The top two teams in each group will be seeded into the upper bracket semi-finals, while the 3rd and 4th placers are to compete in the lower bracket. Unfortunately, both 5th and 6th teams will be eliminated and only 8 teams will feature in the playoffs where they have to compete in BO3 matchups. The top 2 dominating teams gets a ticket to the grand finals and will compete for the title in BO5.

The teams can predict their opposing teams in this format, allowing them to once again face the same team in which they previously used Mars as a hero.


Written by Derpina