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OG, NiP Fight For TI9 Spots At MDL Disneyland Paris Major

Posted 10th May 2019 By: Derpina    319 Views

OG, NiP Fight For TI9 Spots At MDL Disneyland Paris Major - Tipify

Esports News – The MDL Disneyland Paris Major is the last bridge our Dota 2 teams need to cross to qualify for The International 9. The upper bracket stage is currently underway, and we only see four teams stand. Two of them already secured TI9 spots, so will the other two make it to the biggest esports event of the year?

Upper bracket performances

The four teams who have the chance to win the MDL Disneyland Paris Major and the biggest Dota 2 tournament this year are Evil Geniuses, Ninjas in Pyjamas, OG Esports, and Team Secret. In fact, we’ve seen Europe dominate the early stages with the results of two giant European teams.  Each team has a different track record attached to their Dota Pro Circuit rankings, and each has shown a fair share of wins and losses from the previous Minors and Majors. EG and Secret are already qualified for TI9, so we’re still eyeing what OG and NiP can bring to the table.

Looking back at the performances of the already qualified teams, EG and Secret bagged multiple places in the previous Majors this season. Secret won the prestigious Chongqing Major and EG placed third at the same event. This is EG’s first quarter-final series win since TI8. Due to this, both teams received qualifications for TI9, so their would-be victories at the MDL Paris Major would only serve as a bonus.

Unlike the consecutive achievements of EG and Secret, the journey wasn’t the same for NiP and OG. The upper bracket tournament for the last Major is a fight to the death for the two teams.

NiP continues to struggle to claim a TI9 spot. They placed fourth at The Kuala Lumpur Major, the first Major tournament of the DPC 2018-19 season. They’ve been competing well at Major events succeeding their first failure, but they suffered an early elimination at the DreamLeague Season 11 Major. If they can place within the top three of the final Major tournaments, they’ll earn the needed DPC points to qualify for TI9.

Meanwhile, TI8 champions OG is the last team sitting in the upper bracket. This isn’t really surprising as they took an extended break from the Dota 2 competitive scene. They failed to qualify for any Major event this year and were eliminated early from their Minor appearances. But their new roster and major debut this season allowed them to conjure up a solid base before TI9 begins. Their current performance at the last Major brought back the team’s moxie for competitive fights.

NiP and OG are both sitting in good positions regardless of what’s at stake. Their current performances outshine the two TI9 qualified teams, but can they secure a ticket for the biggest Dota 2 competition of the year?


Written by Derpina