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The International 9 Prize Pool & Qualified Teams

Posted 14th May 2019 By: Derpina    346 Views

The International 9 Prize Pool & Qualified Teams - Tipify

Esports News – Undoubtedly the biggest Dota 2 event this year, The International 9, is set to start on August 15. It will officially end the Dota Pro Circuit 2018-19 season and will introduce a new set of Dota 2 tournaments afterward. Now, leading the tournaments are the qualified teams who successfully collected enough points from the Minors and Majors to compete and seal their legacy.

Qualified teams

Several Dota 2 teams have already secured a spot at TI9. Four more sports are available for teams who can win their on-going regional qualifiers. The current qualified teams include Team Secret and Virtus .Pro, two of the powerhouse teams this season. They currently dominate the top spots, courtesy of their recent titles from the Majors. Other teams who also secured a slot failed to any tournaments in the DPC 2018-19 season, but they still have a chance to receive more achievements and recognition in TI9. The complete list of the qualified teams is as follows:

DPC Ranking Team Region
 1  Team Secret  Europe
 2  Virtus.Pro  CIS
 3  Evil Geniuses  North America
 4  Vici Gaming China
 5  PSG.LGD  China
 6  Fnatic  South America
 7  Team Liquid  Europe
 8  Ninjas in Pyjamas  Europe

All teams from the table have enough points to be included in the magic 12. They will compete in TI9 with the next four teams in the qualifiers, regardless of their final points and rankings once the DPC 2018-19 cycle ends. Although The International 9’s opening dates are out, the final schedule for the qualifiers has yet to be revealed by Valve. It will most likely take place after the EPICENTER Major, this season’s final DPC tournament, which is scheduled from June 22 to 30.

Prize pool

The TI9 teams will compete for the title and the lion’s share of the crowdfunded prize pool. If one can remember, Valve began crowdfunding for the tournament using the Dota 2 Battle Pass last week. All payments from fans and players will be added to the final prize pool. This means the base prize of $1.6M donated by Valve and other sponsors will definitely increase. At press time, the prize pool is already over $10 million.


Written by Derpina