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Valve To Take Control of DPC 2019-20 Tournament Formats

Posted 2nd May 2019 By: Derpina    455 Views

Valve To Take Control of DPC 2019-20 Tournament Formats - Tipify

Esports News – The 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit season is about to come to a close, and all the remaining Major matches lead to The International 9. Preparing for the grand conclusion, Valve already has plans for next year’s Majors and Minors. The Dota 2 developer has revealed that they will be completely in charge of identifying the formats for the next wave of tournaments following TI9.

The announcement was made by Wykrhm Reddy, a core beta tester and one of the spokespersons of Valve. He posted the information on his Twitter account, urging sponsors to comply with the new set of rules for the DPC.

Proposals and terms

Starting today, tournament organizers who wish to host Major and Minor DPC events will need to send their proposals to They have three weeks, until the last week of May, to submit their terms. Though the proposals are for both Majors and Minors, Valve will finalize their selections for Majors first, followed by the Minors.

The proposals should contain all information regarding the sponsored tournament, including but not limited to venues, prize pools, and locations. Valve then determines the format for both Majors and Minors, as well as the spot allocations for each region. They will also oversee the structure of the qualifiers leading to the playoffs and grand finals to avoid overlaps and other problems. This is due to a few mishaps from the recent Dota Pit Minor where the group stage ran over the course of three days.

2019-2020 DPC dates

There will once again be five Minors and Majors in the next season. The tournaments will be held in pairs, an upgrade implemented by Valve this 2018-2019 season to modify the composition of the Minors and to treat the said tournaments as a bridge to the Majors.

For the 2019-2020 events, Valve is looking for proposals for 5 Major and 5 Minor events in the season. The dates for are as follows:


Nov 16-24
Jan 18-26
Mar 14-22
May 2-10
June 20-28


Nov 5-9
Jan 7-11
Mar 3-7
Apr 22-26
June 9-13


Written by Derpina