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5 Biggest Changes In LoL’s Patch 9.13

Posted 26th June 2019 By: Marv    290 Views

5 Biggest Changes In LoL's Patch 9.13

League of Legends recently published Patch 9.13, and it marks the launch of the most-anticipated Teamfight Tactics game mode. The new feature is now up and running in different regions all over the world, but there are more notes from the new patch that you should definitely keep an eye on. 

Riot Debuts New Champion Qiyana 

Players can now explore the capabilities of Qiyana, League of Legends’ new champion. Qiyana is the first AD assassin in the game after Riot released Zed ages ago, so that explains the hype surrounding her release. Branded as The Empress of Elements, Qiyana stands as the greatest elementalist in the history of Xiaocan. She’s determined to face anyone who will stand in her way to get what she wantsthe high seat of the Yun Tal. 

Major Changes For Illaoi

Illaoi has been in the game for nearly four years now, but Riot still can’t find the best category for her. Good thing Patch 9.13 brings in new and major changes for the champion, especially on her powers and strategies. Illaoi’s Q will now have minimum damages as same as her turrets, and her E Spirit and Vessel duration will decrease. Additionally, her tentacles will now disappear much faster when she leaves a specific game area. If everything goes smoothly, these changes will allow Illaoi to claim her spot in the Summoner’s Rift.

Improvements For Udyr

Another champion who needs to be in the spotlight is Udyr, The Spirit Walker. Riot answered some requests from his fans and came up with new improvements for his abilities. All Udyr’s abilities can now be leveled to rank 6, starting at level 16. Anyone who will use him starting today can adjust Udyr’s aggressiveness.

New Look For Damage Texts

The game’s Damage Text is outdated, so Riot re-designed the appearance and consistency of the texts to make them more readable during the game. Physical damage texts are now orange and magic damage texts are in cyan. The true damage texts, meanwhile, will remain white. 

Arcade Skins Are Finally Out

A new set of Arcade skins are now available for purchase. The prestige skins will go to Kai’Sa and Caitlyn, but other updated designs are coming for other champions. Expect to see villain-themed video game skins for Yasuo and Qiyana under the Battle Boss line.


Written by Marv

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