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A New Contender Enters The Dota 2 SEA Region: Reality Rift

Posted 6th June 2019 By: Derpina    508 Views

A New Contender Enters The Dota 2 SEA Region: Reality Rift - Tipify

Esports News – The Southeast Asian Dota 2 scene produces some of the top pro esports teams in the world. We have TNC Predator and Mineski to represent the Philippines, as well as Fnatic and BOOM ID to represent Malaysia and Indonesia. Although the international responses SEA receives from Dota 2 fans remains under the radar, there’s no denying that these teams can rival powerhouse squads representing the Western region. SEA constantly shows improvement and the introduction of Reality Rift takes the level of competition in the region a notch higher.

Mission and vision

Reality Rift is the newest team to take part in the SEA scene and will fight under the banners of Singapore. The organization, however, is owned by two Russian businessmen. Ilya Vlasov and his business partner—who collectively call themselves Ilya and Ilya—created the organization together despite not having and experience in competitive gaming. According to them, they will contribute to management consulting and investment banking as well as incorporate their robust knowledge in traditional sports. Ultimately, this will help the players succeed in every tournament they want to compete in.

The founders aim to help with the industry’s growth. Vlasov clarified his main goals in a press release published through Reddit: “I will be straight to the point: we believe that there are many things in the esports industry that might be improved and we will do our best to make the industry better. We want to make things differently, be it support and guarantees from the organization, training process or transparency in community relationships.”

As Reality Rift is on its growth and development stage, Ilya and Ilya confirmed that the organization will support each player for at least 6 months if the team couldn’t execute something extraordinary after their launch.

Current roster

Reality Rift introduces players taking up positions 1 to 5. Professional players Lee “kyxY ‘” Kang Yang and Wong “NutZ” Jen Yen takes position 3 and 5, respectively. Rookie players Lukman “Luk 火” Nooraznan, Vincent “AlaCrity” Hiew Teck Yoong, and the mysterious “GK” grabs hold of positions 1, 2, and 4. Among the 5 players, KyxY is the most experienced in the team as he previously played for Fnatic, Mineski, Warriors Gaming, and Clutch Gamers.


Written by Derpina