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Amazon’s Twitch Acquires Bebo For New Esports Projects

Posted 19th June 2019 By: Derpina    314 Views


Amazon's Twitch Acquires Bebo For New Esports Projects - Tipify

Esports News – Twitch, Amazon’s subsidiary company and the most popular video live streaming platform today, made a huge move to expand its presence in esports. The company recently acquired Bebo, a former social media networking site that rebranded to platform specializing in social apps.

Full acquisition

Twitch acquired Bebo for nearly $25 million, beating out other bidders in the esports business. It was reported that Facebook and Discord were two of the bidders that offered $20 million or less. The complete terms of the acquisition is yet to be released by Twitch, but the company’s spokesperson confirmed that it will include both the company’s 10 active employees and its Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

Together, Bebo and Twitch will work on Twitch’s esports business, specifically Twitch Rivals, a series of esports tournaments designed for streamers and viewers. It is expected that the addition of Bebo’s technology and its team will help Twitch manage daily events, new tournament formats, and interactive extensions.

From social media to esports

Bebo went active in 2005 as a social media website. It was built by husband-and-wife duo Michel and Xochi Birch. In its early days, the site overpowered Myspace to become the most widely used social networking website in the UK and the most-visited website in Ireland, thanks to its 10.7 million strong and active users.

However, in 2010, the founders announced that they will either sell or shut down the website due to the failing numbers of new and existing users. This was the same year when Facebook started dominating the industry. Bebo went from one company to another between 2010 to 2016 until it became “a company that dreams up ideas for fun social apps”. In 2017, Bebo launched the Bebo Streaming Software, an all-inclusive application that lets gamers stream directly to Twitch while playing a selection of video games. This attracted the attention of other companies, hence the selling and the bidding.

With this acquisition, Bebo will face a new environment once again. The world of esports will put its services to the test. Currently, the site plans to conduct a multi-feature Twitch streaming software before the Twitch Rivals start.


Written by Derpina