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DreamHack Open Summer Winner To Take Part In Masters Malmö

Posted 17th June 2019 By: Derpina    450 Views

DreamHack Open Summer Winner To Take Part In Masters Malmö - Tipify

Esports News – The DreamHack Open Summer is about to conclude its semi-finals in Jönköping, Sweden and leans toward the grand finals afterward. The tournament is not yet over, but there’s another event waiting for the future grand champions. The winner of DreamHack Open Summer is set to have a secured slot for the upcoming Masters Malmö 2019.

DreamHack team invites

Masters Malmö and DreamHack Open Summer share the same organizers and are part of the CS:GO Intel Grand Slam circuit. Although this new setup wasn’t originally included in DreamHack’s terms and conditions, it was decided that the winning team of the on-going tournament gets an invite to the Masters Malmö. This is the first time DreamHack and its partner organizations have connected one of their Open tournaments to a $250,000-worth Masters event.

The current CS:GO teams who have a chance to get the invite feature Aristocracy, AVANGAR, Chaos Esports Club, Optic Gaming, Tricked Esports, Winstrike Team, CR4ZY, and Team Ancient. Two of the teams came from the event’s European and Swedish qualifiers, while the rest were invited by Corsair, Monster Energy, Esport-Management, and GG.Bet.

In line with the ongoing and upcoming Major tournaments, the winner of the all-women DreamHack Showdown Valencia 2019 will also have a secured slot for the DreamHack Open Rotterdam, the organizer’s next Open stop which takes place on October 18-20. DreamHack Showdown Valencia, meanwhile, will be held in Valencia on July 5-7 and highlights eight teams and a $100,000 prize pool.

Masters Malmö 2019

The new tournament from DreamHack Masters returns to where it all began—in Malmö, Sweden. A total of 26 teams compete against each other for the title and the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize money.

The event will be held alongside the Malmö Game Week Festival and is divided into two stages. The group phase or the first part of the competition is open to the public in MalmöMässan exhibition and convention center. The playoffs with single-elimination bracket and BO3 matches leading to the grand finals will then culminate in front of a live audience at the Malmö Arena.


Written by Derpina