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Esportal’s Esports Global Finals To Conclude This Weekend

Posted 7th June 2019 By: Derpina    210 Views

Esportal's Esports Global Finals To Conclude This Weekend - Tipify

Esports News – The Esports Global Finals, an Esportal-sponsored Minor event, is set to take off this coming Friday. Four CS:GO teams from Germany, Denmark, Brazil, and Poland will battle it out at Inferno Online in Stockholm, Sweden to bag the title and the lion’s share of the $22,525 prize pool.

Format and competing teams

DETONA, Lyngby Vikings, ALTERNATE aTTaX, and AVEZ will represent their countries in the global finals. The grand finalists are the winners of the recent regional online qualifiers. Each of them bested at least 15 teams within their respective qualifiers. Among the 5, DETONA is said to be the strongest team this season. The Brazilian team currently ranked 51st in the global power rankings and recently topped the ESL Pro League Season 9 Americas group. If the team can hammer home their victory, Esports Global Finals will serve as their stepping stone for the ESL Pro League Finals in Montpellier this month.

Following the global finals, the teams are expected to begin the Global Finals with a round-robin group stage. All matches follow a BO1 format, and one team plays the three opposing teams twice each round. Concluding the group stage, the top two teams advance to the grand finals to settle the grand winner. They will be competing in a single-elimination match with BO5 series.

Event schedule


Round 1:

00:00 – Denmark Lyngby Vikings vs Brazil DETONA | BO1
00:00 – Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Poland AVEZ | BO1
01:00 – Brazil DETONA vs Denmark Lyngby Vikings | BO1
01:00 – Poland AVEZ vs Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX | BO1

Round 2:

02:00 – Denmark Lyngby Vikings vs Poland AVEZ | BO1
02:00 – Brazil DETONA vs Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX | BO1
03:00 – Poland AVEZ vs Denmark Lyngby Vikings | BO1
03:00 – Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Brazil DETONA | BO1

Round 3:

04:00 – Denmark Lyngby Vikings vs Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX | BO1
04:00 – Poland AVEZ vs Brazil DETONA | BO1
05:00 – Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Denmark Lyngby Vikings | BO1
05:00 – Brazil DETONA vs Poland AVEZ | BO1


22:00 – Grand Final | BO5

Prize pool distribution

1. $11,000
2. $5,630
3. $2,815
4. $2,815


Written by Derpina