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Riot Games & FACEIT Announces First LCS Scouting Grounds Circuit

Posted 10th June 2019 By: ThisIsSam    263 Views

Riot Games & FACEIT Announces LCS Scouting Grounds Circuit - Tipify

Esports News – League of Legends publisher Riot Games announces a new partnership with tournament organizer FACEIT to unveil the maiden League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Scouting Grounds Circuit. The circuit features ten online events, including qualifier, playoff, and final stages. With several existing amateur leagues moving to the Counting Ground Circuit and utilizing the FACEIT platform, this encourages amateur tournament organizers to remain involved in the scene. The integrated amateur leagues include the Upsurge Premier League, BIG League, and several others.

The LoL tournament will take place on the FACEIT platform which features a $60,000 prize pool, with the top two teams moving on to take part in LCS Scouting Grounds in November.

Catch the first season of the official qualifying circuit for LCS Scouting Grounds in July, August, and September. Witness the top amateur LoL teams from the North American League of Legends scene battle it out in a multi-stage tournament.

Talking about the partnership, Michele Attisani, Co-Founder & CBO of FACEIT said, “The FACEIT platform is known to be a training ground for serious players of all levels and has successfully developed esports stars in a number of competitive titles. We’re thrilled to be working with Riot Games and to have the opportunity to be a part of the development of one of the most dynamic and exciting competitive scenes right now in North American League of Legends.”

Meanwhile, Chris Greeley, LCS Commissioner at Riot Games was also anticipating what the partnership can produce for the NA scene, “It’s never been more important for us to ensure that we have a robust system in place to facilitate the growth, development, and visibility of the next generation of League of Legends stars. Our partnership with FACEIT to provide the Scouting Grounds Circuit allows top amateur teams the opportunity to qualify for our scouting event through the old ‘5 players and a dream’ model that we used to see through our historic Open Qualifier and Promotion Tournaments.”

Ultimately, the circuit seeks to provide up and coming players with more opportunities to become pro and a chance to display their skills, and LCS teams time to scope new talent in the circle.


Written by ThisIsSam