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The International 2019 Set To Break Esports Prize Pool Record

Posted 28th June 2019 By: ThisIsSam    229 Views

The International 2019 Set To Break Esports Prize Pool Record - Tipify

Esports News – Once again, Dota 2 fans are about to witness one of the greatest esports tournaments in the world in the form of The International 2019. Although the event is roughly 2 months away, the tournament’s prize pool has exceeded $20 million. In fact, the TI9 amount, which sits north of $22 million, is expected to break TI8’s world record for the largest esports event prize pool before the event kicks off.

The Dota 2 Prize Tracker shows that The International 2019 is already 23.3 percent ahead of last year’s tournament based on the same timeframe last year. If the trend continues, this puts TI9 on pace to break the $30 million mark. The list of invited teams is about to be finalized, with only one slot left, while the qualifiers are to introduce the final six teams to complete a total of 18 slots.

What’s in store for TI9’s Battle Pass?

Responsible for the influx points to a mix of the Immortal Treasure II and the Wrath of the Mo’rokai special event nearing a release to TI9 Battle Pass owners. Players who choose not to purchase the Battle Pass right away typically wait until the events or items they want are available, which is what’s happening with the two drops happening next week.

In addition, Steam’s Summer Sale helped Valve introduce this year’s Battle Level and Treasure Bundle. For $29.99, players receive 120 Battle Pass Levels, nine of Immortal Treasure I, six of Immortal Treasure II, and three of Immortal Treasure III.

This is a common sight every year during the Summer Sale as Valve tries to capture the interest of Battle Pass owners to buy inexpensive levels and score some items from the drops. That bundle expires right after the EPICENTER Major on July 1. Hence, if you want a piece of history from this year’s The International, now is the time to buy.

The International 2019 kicks off on August 15 and will go on until August 25 in Shanghai, China.


Written by ThisIsSam