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3 CS:GO Teams With The Biggest Takeaways Last Weekend

Posted 23rd July 2019 By: Derpina    156 Views

3 CS:GO Teams With The Biggest Takeaways Last Weekend - Tipify

Esports News – The competitive CS:GO scene featured nail  matches this weekend. Team Liquid, MiBR, and Fnatic showcased some of the biggest takeaways from the recent Majors and Minors this season. Let’s take a look back at how these teams made headlines from their respective competitions.

Team Liquid wins IEM Chicago 2019

Team Liquid continuous to be unstoppable even after bagging  Intel Grand Slam season 2. Once again and for the sixth time in a row, the team added another title to their name in IEM Chicago. Liquid defeated ENCE in the grand finals and convincingly end the B05 tournament series with a 3-0 score. This victory is Liquid’s sixth major trophy and ninth final this season, marking 2019 as the Team Liquid era.

MiBR gets back on track in Chicago

The last 7 teams in IEM Chicago playoffs consist of the best CS:GO teams this season. They have nothing to prove to the audience, but they need to earn a Major title to be qualified for Intel Grand Slam season 3. MiBR is one of the 7 teams who had a great tournament run in their semi-final appearance.

The team used their top player, Wilton “zews” Prado, in Chicago. Their recent roster shuffle went well despite the absence of Marcelo “coldzera” David. If one can remember, their previous performances showed that MiBR needs another coldzera to save the team, but fortunately, they got back on track after the shuffle. For MiBR’s future matches in Berlin Major, Zews will move back to coaching to find the team’s cohesion.

Fnatic in need of more roster changes

The Europe Minor put Fnatic to test. Fnatic is now out of the Berlin Major after losing to German team CR4ZY (formerly known as Valiance & Co). It’s equally surprising that the newly-established German team heads to the next stage over Ancient and BIG, two of the best CS:GO teams with the same track record as Fnatic.

According to analysts, the best option for Fnatic is to shuffle their roster. They need to have a different approach to their CS:GO matches if they want to stay relevant in the latter half of 2019. Good thing recent reports claim that Fnatic is eyeing Swedish player Robin “flusha” Rönnquist.


Written by Derpina